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Judge Dismisses Stalking And Harassment Charges Against Ice Cream Truck’s Rival

An icy, delicious turf war has finally come to an end, almost two years after one mobile ice cream vendor accused another frozen treats truck driver of bullying him and trying to run him out of town. A judge in upstate New York dismissed stalking and harassing charges against the snow cone truck brought by an ice cream rival back in 2013. [More]

The meltiest of times. (@karen_g)

A Tale Of Two Uber Ice Creams: It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Meltiest Of Times

I scream, you scream, we all want to make loud noises over that frozen dessert made of sweetened milk fat. So hearing that Uber is offering an on-demand ice cream delivery in certain cities today is no doubt quickening many hearts. But at $5 a pop, is the stuff even good? [More]

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Police Seek Man Who Smacked Ice Cream Truck Driver With Fudge Bar

Perhaps kicking off the summer in his own way, a man in South Carolina reportedly hit an ice cream vendor with a piece of his own merchandise. The suspect’s daughter was the customer, but her father believed that the driver hadn’t given the girl all of her change. He took up her cause, struck the driver with the ice cream, and drove off. [More]

L.A. Mulling Mandatory Background Checks For All Ice Cream Truck Vendors

L.A. Mulling Mandatory Background Checks For All Ice Cream Truck Vendors

When a kid hears the first hint of the delicate strains of “Pop! Goes The Weasel” it means one thing — the ice cream truck is a’coming down the street. And you can bet your popsicle sticks that most youngsters are shooting out the door without Mom or Dad in tow. [More]


Dueling Ice Cream Vendors Resort To Violence

Summer is almost over, but ice cream turf wars are heating up. Heating up? Did I really just say that? Anyway, when two trucks tried to sell frozen treats in the same area of midtown Manhattan, things got ugly. Even though one was selling frozen yogurt and the other ice cream. [More]

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City Tells Ice Cream Trucks To Keep That Infernal Racket Down

The majestic, many-colored beast glides past, emitting only its seductive siren song to lure its targets out of their homes and make them come running, screaming like sugar-starved banshees while yelling “MOM I NEED MONEY FOR THE ICE CREAM TRUUUUCK!” But not everyone is a fan of ice cream truck songs like “Turkey in the Straw” in the summertime months, including one city’s council, which voted to silence the mobile bringers of cold, delicious joy. [More]

Evil Ice Cream Truck Stalks Competition, Offers Customers Free Treats, Gets Arrested

Evil Ice Cream Truck Stalks Competition, Offers Customers Free Treats, Gets Arrested

If you come at the ice cream truck king of Gloversville, N.Y., you best not miss. When another mobile ice cream vendor dared wander onto his territory, the owner of a local frozen treat franchise wouldn’t stand for it. Police say that he tailed a rival’s truck, offering free ice cream to anyone who tried to make a purchase from the other vehicle. The ice cream man was determined to be the only turkey in this straw. [More]

Police Crack Down On Pennsylvania Ice Cream Truck Turf War

Police Crack Down On Pennsylvania Ice Cream Truck Turf War

Police had to give a stern lecture to a pair of dueling Uniontown, Penn. ice cream truck drivers who were apparently involved in an escalating battle over territory. [More]

This Cigarette Ice Cream Truck Is Doing It Wrong

This Cigarette Ice Cream Truck Is Doing It Wrong

Pro tip: when you buy an old ice cream truck and turn it into a mobile cigarette dispensary, you should probably cover up all the old ads for Bombpops and Choco Tacos. Reader discounteggroll’s co-worker snapped this picture at a gas station on the NY-CT border in Greenwich, CT. (Perhaps the truck is parked on the CT side of the parking lot, to take advantage of CT’s lower cigarette tax?) If it doesn’t violate any regulations, like the Tobacco Control Act of 2009 which prohibits the sale, distribution, marketing and promotion of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to children under the age of 18, it’s in poor taste, even with the sign asking for ID. “One Big Vanilla ice cream sandwich, please.” “Sorry kid, we got Pall Malls.” [More]

Ice Cream Truck Plays Christmas Creepy Jingle

Ice Cream Truck Plays Christmas Creepy Jingle

Reader Andrew snagged this phone camera video on September 29th of an ice cream truck enticing children with tinny renditions of Christmas carols. Ok, here’s one industry where it’s almost ok that they’ve been infected by the Christmas Creep. Ice cream trucks don’t really get a lot of business in the winter so if they want to play along, they have to start early. [More]