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Snow Cone Means Something Else Entirely When The Ice Cream Truck Driver Is Peddling Drugs

Whether you love the jingle-jangle of the ice cream truck cruising your neighborhood or can’t stand it, for most of us it’s a mobile sign of childhood, sweet treats and hot summer days. So it’s a bummer that someone could (allegedly) turn it into a roving drug dispensary. Cops busted a Brooklyn man recently accused of selling cocaine — alongside the real snow cones and ice cream — from his ice cream truck. Innocence = lost. [More]

East Coast Suffers Horrific Ice Cream Bar Shortage

East Coast Suffers Horrific Ice Cream Bar Shortage

Much of the Northeastern United States is currently dealing with a heat wave that has household pets plastered to cold tile floors and local news outlets hauling tired puns out of winter storage. But the real crisis is occurring out where fleets of white trucks prowl the mean streets of suburbia in search of customers. The combination of an exceptionally warm spring and a Good Humor plant shutdown in Maryland mean that vendors are struggling to get hold of some popular Good Humor products. Who is suffering? The children. [More]