Watch Everyone Go Totally Freaking Nuts As Steve Jobs Demonstrates The Magic Of WiFi In 1999

Prepare yourself to feel old, jaded and immune to the everyday magical workings of technology, people. While these days we don’t bat an eye at carrying lightweight devices that let us basically do anything we want besides teleport, back in 1999 the world of technology was still new, exciting, and totally worth a standing ovation. To wit: Uproarious applause and a general cacophony of excitement when Steve Jobs showed off the iBook’s wireless powers back in 1999. [More]

Macmillan E-Books Will Now Cost $15 On Amazon

Macmillan E-Books Will Now Cost $15 On Amazon

After refusing to sell any Macmillan books or ebooks for three days, Amazon.com today gave in to demands by the publisher that it start charging $15 for Macmillan ebooks, rather than Amazon’s customary $9.99. In a statement, Amazon warned that customers might “rebel against such a high price for books that cost far less to distribute than physical books.” Will they also rebel against a $259, black-and-white, DRM-laden e-reader that doesn’t let you share or re-sell books that you “own,” and can yank them back without notice at any time? [More]

Apple Urges You To "Take At Least Some Responsibility" For Your Defective iBook

Apple Urges You To "Take At Least Some Responsibility" For Your Defective iBook

Awhile back we posted a letter from a guy whose claim on a defective iBook G3 Logic Board repair was “9 months too late” and was denied by Apple. He wrote Steve Jobs and the Apple Executive Support team agreed to repair the defective unit under the “Extended iBook Logic Board Repair Program.”

Dude Fixes His iBook By Lighting it On Fire

DIY Obsolete iBook Logic Board Repair [Geek Technique via Make]

Consumers Speak: Apple iBook Troubles

Reader Keith B. writes:

I ordered an iBook G4 on January 27th, 2005 – since then I’ve shipped it back four times now for various ‘fixes.’ I’m willing to admit that laptops have a higher fail-rate then desktops, which is why I’m willing to look past the first two times I had to go to an Apple store to have it sent out – once for the crashed hard drive and logic board in february, and three days after I got it back to get the logic board replaced again. I think, at least, everytime I got it back it seems they just kept replacing everything.