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J.G. Park

International Partnership Created To Speed Up Antibiotic Development

Drug-resistant superbugs are on the rise, increasingly rendering a number of drugs useless even for infections that were once easily treated. At the same time, it’s been more than three decades since medical science found a new class of antibiotics, meaning the bugs may be outpacing the drugs. Today, the U.S. government, along with private organizations in the United Kingdom and stateside, announced a partnership intended to accelerate the development of new antibiotics. [More]

Bernard Walker

White House Makes Push For Private Sector To Help Curb Dangerous Overuse Of Antibiotics

Today at the White House, representatives for some 150 organizations, including Consumer Reports, and private companies gathered for a forum on how to rein in the rampant, and potentially deadly, overuse of antibiotics in everything from hospitals to farm animals. [More]

Netflix Money Is “Pure Heroin” To TV Studios

Netflix Money Is “Pure Heroin” To TV Studios

Ever wonder why a TV channel’s website or on-demand options often only include the few most recently aired shows? It’s because the network doesn’t usually own the show, but instead pays a studio for the rights to air it, and networks haven’t been willing to ante up for the extra money to stream entire seasons as they air. Now some broadcasters realize they’re losing out and want access to all those shows, but Netflix is making it difficult. [More]