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Colorado Pedophile Paranoia Site Probed

Colorado Pedophile Paranoia Site Probed

Our inside man at the Colorado Department of Public Safety tells us the guy posting pedophile-paranoia flyers all over suburban Colorado has been identified as one Florian McCann, who insists he’s “simply being a good neighbor.” The CPDS feels certain that he’s using the site, and fear-mongering, to gather email addresses, purpose unknown.

DefendMyStreet Investigated

DefendMyStreet Investigated

The Colorado Department of Public Safety just emailed us. Issues Fake Humbert Humbert Alerts Issues Fake Humbert Humbert Alerts

Brian Crecente — another a fellow absorbed fetus in Gawker’s bulging, all-consuming belly of blogs — wrote us with a truly scummy scam running in his neighborhood, hyping on parents’ crazed paranoia of pedophiles: