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Starbucks Announces Plans To Donate All Edible Unsold Food

In the last few years, Starbucks has significantly expanded its repertoire of breakfast and lunch foods other than pastries. What it hasn’t been able to do is figure out a consistent way to donate all of those salads and sandwiches so that they don’t go to waste. Founder and CEO Howard Schultz announced today in an interview that this is going to change. [More]

Starbucks Stops Writing “Race Together” On Cups, But Says Campaign Is “Far From Over”

Starbucks Stops Writing “Race Together” On Cups, But Says Campaign Is “Far From Over”

Last week, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz raised a lot of eyebrows with the launch of an ill-received campaign to start a public discussion about racial issues by having employees write or sticker cups with “race together.” On Sunday, the company pulled the plug on the cup-marking portion of the project, but Schultz says it’s not the end. [More]

Free coffee if you're nice to people.

Starbucks: Connect With Free Coffee While We Wait For Elected Officials To Get It Together

While the government is busy not talking to each other to figure out issues like the U.S. federal government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling problem, Starbucks is offering what it calls a chance for customers and the company to come together with free coffee. At least until Friday. [More]

CEO Howard Schultz posted the letter below on the Starbucks blog late Tuesday night.

Starbucks CEO Asks Customers To Please Leave Guns At Home

For years, Starbucks has been stuck in the middle of the debate over whether businesses should let customers bring guns into stores in states and municipalities where it is legal to openly carry a firearm. CEO Howard Schultz had previously called it a “difficult, fragile” situation but said the company was not going to change its longstanding policy of following whatever the local laws allowed. Then last night, he issued an open letter to customers, asking them to please leave their guns at home. [More]


Starbucks CEO: Don’t Like The Company’s Support Of Marriage Equality? Sell Your Shares

When Starbucks announced last year that the company supported the legalization of  same-sex marriage in its mother state of Washington, opponents of the measure were less than pleased. The National Organization for Marriage launched a boycott of Starbucks, pledging to hit the company where it hurt — in its pocket. But CEO Howard Schultz says he didn’t give a toot about sales when it comes down to it. [More]


Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Gives Local Manager A Ring To Thank Her For Doing A Good Job

You know how your aunt is always posting inspirational stuff on Facebook telling you to dance like no one is watching or whatever? Well you should also do a super awesome job at your place of employment even when you think no one is paying attention. Because they might be and then the CEO of Starbucks is calling you up to thank you and holy moly, that’s kind of a huge moment. That’s what happened to a Starbucks manager in San Diego earlier this month. [More]

Starbucks has changed its mind and will keep selling sandwiches after all. Now they’re looking at less stinky cheeses and less butter in an attempt to keep the smell from interfering with the coffee aroma. [Blogging Stocks]