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Hasbro, Mattel Reportedly Talking About Making One Big Toy Company To End All Others

Imagine a world where G.I. Joe marries Barbie (or Ken) and then they both drive off in their Hot Wheels car to their My Little Pony ranch — and all these products come from the same company. It’s a possibility, with Mattel and Hasbro reportedly chatting about merging the contents of their respective toy chests.


Home Depot Employees Build Custom Wagon For Cancer-Stricken Dog

The owner of an elderly cancer-stricken canine says she was just hoping for some wagon-building advice from Home Depot employees but she ended up with something much more — a custom-built cart for her ill furry friend. [More]

Brilliant Marketing: Car Rental Company Rents Hot Wheels To Kids

Brilliant Marketing: Car Rental Company Rents Hot Wheels To Kids

When families go on vacation, parents get to drive around a shiny and different vehicle, but what do kids get to drive? Nothing! It happened that toy-maker Mattel and car-renter Europcar are clients of the same ad agency, and they formed an interesting idea: what if there were a counter where children could rent cars, too? Pocket-sized cars, that is. Hot Wheels. [More]

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Don’t Rack Up ATM Fees, Buy Hot Wheels Cars

What should you do when the bank is closed, you need some cash, and there’s no ATM handy that doesn’t charge piles of fees? Sure, you could join a bank with no local branches that refunds ATM fees, like USAA, Schwab, or Ally. Some local banks do this, too, but if the branch isn’t open, you can’t go open a new account. That’s when you open an account at the Bank of Hot Wheels. [More]

Mattel Writes Back To Hot Wheels-Loving Little Girl, Sends Her Free Car Coupon

Mattel Writes Back To Hot Wheels-Loving Little Girl, Sends Her Free Car Coupon

Rick’s daughter had a question about her toys. She wanted to know why some Hot Wheels cars have drivers, and why some don’t. Instead of just making up an answer or saying that he didn’t know, he sent a quick e-mail to Hot Wheels maker Mattel. They sent her back what was probably a form e-mail, but still surprised and delighted Rick. There was another surprise, too. [More]

Mattel Profits Increase After Cost Cuts

Mattel Profits Increase After Cost Cuts

Mattel’s revenues are down by 19%. Toy sales from summer movies and flagship product Barbie and Hot Wheels are down. However, the company reported today that profits are way up. So what explains the profits? Blame a visit from Price Hike Barbie.