Pranksters Ride Through Walmart Aisles On Horseback

Pranksters Ride Through Walmart Aisles On Horseback

The brilliant, absurd might be gone, but its spirit lives on in the form of some Texas men who decided it was  good day for a horse ride through their local Walmart. [More]


Philadelphia Restaurant Wants Horse On The Menu Since That’s Going Over So Well In Europe

While our European brethren are in the midst of a full-on horsemeat freak out, here in the States we’re probably safe from accidentally ingesting horse in the guise of beef. But one Philadelphia restaurant thinks people would love a bite of equine fare and is aiming to add horse to the menu. On purpose. [More]

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Meat Lovers In UK, Ireland Surprised That Beef Now Comes With Horse DNA Included

Over here we’ve had our spate of controversy over fillers in beef products but even talk of pink slime likely won’t provoke quite the reaction as telling someone there’s horse meat in their hamburger. The Republic of Ireland’s food safety authority (FSAI) says horse DNA has been found in burgers and other products purported to be made of beef in Irish supermarkets as well as in the United Kingdom. Cue shudders. [More]