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[Insert joke about literally bringing home the bacon here]

Indiana Lottery Debuts Bacon-Scented Scratch-Off Tickets, Prizes Include 20-Year Supply Of Bacon

It appears Indiana likes New Hampshire’s style, as the state’s Hoosier Lottery has introduced a bacon-scented scratch-off ticket of its own. But unlike previous bacon-themed lotteries designed to tempt your olfactory system, this one actually includes the savory meat in the list of prizes, with a 20-year-supply of bacon at stake for players.


(Lisa Brewster)

Everyone Wants To Be The Guy Who Bought Two $1M Lottery Tickets In Three Months

How many $1 million dollar lottery tickets have you bought lately? None? Then you’re right there with the rest of us lagging behind an Indiana man who somehow managed to win not one million-dollar jackpot, but two in a span of only three months with his lucky buys. [More]

$1 Million Lottery Prize Goes Unclaimed, Split Between Boring Worthy Causes

$1 Million Lottery Prize Goes Unclaimed, Split Between Boring Worthy Causes

Did you buy a Powerball ticket in an Indiana Circle K convenience store in April? Do your usual numbers include 1, 36, 40, 52, and 53? Um, you should probably sit down. [More]