Chung Chu

FDA And Hyland Argue About Actual Effects Of Homeopathic Teething Tablets

Teething means frazzled parents and inconsolable babies, and parents who would try just about anything to soothe their child. Yet homeopathic remedy maker Hyland’s has responded to a warning last week from the Food and Drug Administration telling parents not to give their children homeopathic tablets or drops when teething. [More]

Mass Homeopathic Overdose Planned For Tomorrow!

Mass Homeopathic Overdose Planned For Tomorrow!

In a little less than 12 hours, over 300 skeptics throughout the U.K. will protest the homeopathic medicine industry there by deliberately overdosing on full bottles of homeopathic pills, which technically don’t contain any molecules of the active ingredient. The group’s goal is to highlight the fact that homeopathic cures are about as scientifically valid as your horoscope. I’m all for stunts, but don’t they know that they’ll likely suffer from the memory of an OD? That’s how this stuff works, you know.