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Home Depot Sells Woman Imaginary Refrigerator

Home Depot Sells Woman Imaginary Refrigerator

When you hand over $1,400 for a new refrigerator, you sort of expect to get a new refrigerator. Home Depot sold a California woman a fridge in early June, promising delivery in early July. Only the specific appliance that they had sold her wasn’t sitting in a warehouse somewhere, waiting for delivery. It hadn’t even been manufactured yet.  Oh.  [More]

Don’t Notice Appliance Delivery Damage Within 48 Hours? Too Bad

Don’t Notice Appliance Delivery Damage Within 48 Hours? Too Bad

Sometimes you buy a new appliance, but don’t use it right away. Maybe you just don’t have any dirty clothes or dishes for a while, or the room where the appliance goes just isn’t ready yet. That’s what happened to Russell when he bought a new washer from Home Depot: it was damaged during delivery, but he didn’t know it at the time. Since he didn’t report it within 48 hours, he’s stuck with the broken appliance, in a sad and desolate land between where Home Depot’s return policy ends and LG’s warranty begins. [More]


New York Attorney General Investigating Walmart, Home Depot, Others Over Prepaid Payroll Cards

Though it’s been a point of concern with employee-rights advocates for years, the use of prepaid debit cards as a substitute for traditional payroll checks is finally getting attention from the powers that be, with the New York state attorney general’s office investigating the practice at some of the nation’s largest employers. [More]


Paula Deen’s Empire Continues To Crumble As Target Phases Out Her Products

UPDATE: The bloodshed continues — Sears, Walgreens and Kmart will all be phasing out Paula Deen’s products as well.  [More]

Home Depot refused to take back this obviously used saw... because it had been used.

Home Depot Sells Consumer Reports A Used Chainsaw, Refuses To Take It Back Because It’s Used

If you’ve ever questioned why our lab coat-loving cousins at Consumer Reports use secret shoppers to buy the things they test for the magazine, here’s a perfect example. [More]


Home Depot Customer Grabs Saws, Tries To Cut His Own Arms Off In Store

We’ve heard of nightmarish customer service experiences, but one Home Depot shopper created a nightmare of his own making when he reportedly grabbed a saw and tried to hack off his own arms inside the store. His fellow customers were apparently a bit disturbed at the scene because a man was trying to cut his own limbs off in public. Yikes. [More]


March Recall Roundup: This Garlic Slicer Prefers Human Fingers

In this month’s Recall Roundup for consumer goods, crossbows fire at will, snorkeling masks buckle under pressure, and garlic slicers are out to slice your fingers instead. [More]

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GE Wants To Spend $836 For Repairs On My $500 Washer That Does The Harlem Shake

Reader Philip bought a new washer and dryer on sale last year after Black Friday. They were finally delivered when the family moved into a new house last week. When the time came for the inaugural wash, the machine made a loud banging sound and hopped around the room. GE sent a repairman who, on orders from GE, thought that gutting the washer was an ideal solution. Philip disagreed, pointing out that he would constantly fear a dryer motor fire and would prefer a new replacement, what with the washer/dryer set being newly delivered and all. GE would much rather spend more than the replacement value of the appliance. [More]

The authors claim a botched dishwasher repair job will cost $20,000. (Ilona-Andrews.com)

Even Bestselling Authors Aren’t Immune From Shoddy Home Depot Warranty Repair Work

In spite of the completely nonexistent rumor that making the NY Times bestseller list grants an author access to a level of customer service reserved for elite celebrities, it turns out that no one is immune to a bad repair job that can ultimately result in $20,000 worth of damage. [More]


Home Depot To Hire 80,000 Seasonal Workers This Spring

While most retailers pack on some extra workforce during the holiday season, the spring months are the busy time for places like Home Depot. The retailer annonced this morning that it plans on adding 80,000 seasonal workers in the coming months — 10,000 more than it employed in 2012. [More]

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Here’s What Should Happen When Your Family’s Washer Is Out Of Commission

Last week, we published a story from a reader whose Kenmore washer might be repaired someday…maybe, leaving him to buy a cheap temporary replacement in the meantime. Reader Brian noticed the story because he had a similar experience when his local Home Depot sent installers too honest to leave him with a dented dryer. When he complained to the store manager that this left him without an important household appliance, the manager immediately brought over a loaner dryer that Brian’s family got to use for their dryer-less three weeks. [More]


Home Depot (Sort Of) Explains How An In-Store Purchase Can Result In E-mails From Its Website

Yesterday, we told you about a Home Depot customer who was put off by an e-mail from the retailer asking him to review a product he’d purchased in-store. He assumed the store must have linked the credit he used at the store with a purchase he’d made on HomeDepot.com a year earlier. And he’s just about right. [More]

The mysterious e-mail that A.C. received about his in-store purchase.

Home Depot Uses My Credit Card Number To Track Down My E-Mail Address

UPDATE: Home Depot has confirmed that it does use credit card info to track customers. [More]


Home Depot Glitch Gives Unexpected Gift To Online Shoppers — Free Orders

If you were doing some shopping on HomeDepot.com yesterday morning, you should check your order summary because you might have been the beneficiary of an oopsy by the home improvement retailer that allowed some customers to place orders they didn’t get charged for. [More]

One type of shovel

Did My Home Depot Test These Shovels Before Putting Them Out For Sale?

Todd was at his local Home Depot when he noticed something weird about the shovels on display. They were rusted and had clearly been used. [More]

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Home Depot Employee’s Insider Tips On Price-Matching And Discounts

After seeing this 2010 post about a Home Depot customer who had to resort to the “I’m going to Lowe’s” threat in order to get the store to price-match its own website, Consumerist reader and Depot employee Dave wrote in to share his experiences with the company’s price-matching and discounting policies. [More]


Home Depot Uses LG Appliances To Advertise Deal That Excludes LG Appliances

If you look at all the LG appliances pictured in the Home Depot flier advertising savings for customers who buy multiple appliances, you might be confused by the fine print at the bottom of the image. [More]


The Good, The Bad & The Complicated Of Employee Discounts

Between the hours, the pay and the occasional scowling customer, working retail isn’t always the fun times it’s made out to be in film comedy. But at least there’s the employee discount, right? [More]