Group Of Travel Sites Claim Delta Air Lines Has Cut Them Off From Using Its Data

Travelers often turn to travel websites to search for the cheapest fares and quickest flights out there, but a group of more than a dozen sites now says Delta Air Lines has shut them out, and is keeping its data to itself. [More]


You Can Now Reserve A Hotel Room Through Yelp

In an effort to keep travelers who might be checking out the reviews for hotels on Yelp’s website or in its mobile apps instead of going elsewhere when it comes time to book lodging, Yelp announced today that it’s teamed up with travel site Hipmunk to offer hotel reservations directly to users. [More]

Hipmunk Now Finds Flights That Fit Into Your Schedule

Hipmunk Now Finds Flights That Fit Into Your Schedule

Hey, busy travelers: If you’re tired of toggling back and forth between your Google calendar and the website you use for booking your flights, the folks at Hipmunk have come up with a way to integrate your schedule into your flight and hotel searches. [More]