Give Fitness-Related Gifts Without Angering Your Loved Ones

Let’s say that you want to buy a fitness-related gift for a friend or relative, but don’t want to imply that they’re secretly a giant slug. You love them, which is why you want to encourage them to enjoy the life-extending benefits of exercise. Just without the life-shortening stress of being mad at you. How can you do that? [More]

10 Quick, Clever Household Tricks

10 Quick, Clever Household Tricks

The ability to turn junk into useful tools is what separates man from beast. Read this post and you’ll discover how walnuts can smooth out wood scratches and cereal bowls can double as MP3 player amps. [More]


Clean the coils on your fridge monthly to save energy and extend the life of the appliance. “Clean the coils by brushing them off or by using the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. If the coils are behind a grill, remove the latter and use a brush made just for this purpose.” [Chattanooga Times Free Press]