hilton hhonors

(Adam Fagen)

Hilton HHonors Site Flaw Exposed All Accounts To Potential Hijacking

Following a report of a spike in hijacked accounts, Hilton recently asked its HHonors Awards members to change their passwords — offering them 1,000 bonus points if they did so before April 1. But cybersecurity experts say that hackers didn’t actually need passwords to take control of other folks’ HHonors accounts. [More]

The Hilton HHonors site recently added a CAPTCHA check to its login process, presumably to cut down on hackers' attempts to hijack accounts.

Hackers Now Stealing Your Loyalty Rewards & Points

While we hear almost daily reports of retailers having their payment systems hacked and customer records stolen, it looks like cybercriminals are increasingly realizing they can turn a profit by stealing assets many consumers treat as an afterthought — loyalty rewards. [More]


To Resolve Some Customer Service Problems, Just Call Back

When people submit their complaints to our site after a single interaction with customer service, we often ask, “Did you try calling or e-mailing back to get someone else?” It sounds deceptively simple, so simple that you might not even bother trying it. You should. It happens to work. Sometimes. [More]