Millions Of Users In The Dark When Hijackers Take Down TweetDeck

Millions Of Users In The Dark When Hijackers Take Down TweetDeck

If you’re an avid user of Twitter’s TweetDeck you may have noticed something was awry this afternoon. The social media site shut down its popular service after discovering users’ account security was at risk. [More]

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Man Behind Hijack Scare On Virgin Australia Flight Was Just Exhausted, Looking For Bathroom

An Australian man who caused a hijacking scare on a recent Virgin Australia flight to Indonesia when he banged on the cockpit cabin’s door won’t be charged, officials say, because he was just exhausted and confused at the time. And he just needed to find the bathroom, which can make anyone act a little scary. [More]

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Police: Too Many Drinks Led To Man Trying To Force His Way Into Plane’s Cockpit

Because the cockpit of an airplane is where all the action of keeping the craft in the air happens, the door to that area is always locked now to prevent hijacking attempts. So when you’ve had a few too many drinks and go banging on the door to that secure space, well, it’s not going to end well for you. Yes, you, allegedly drunken tourist on a Virgin Australia flight.

Family Stalked Using Cellphone Snoopware

Holy crap, this is scary! A family interviewed on the Today show is being stalked by “hackers” who have taken over their cell phones. The stalkers use the cell phones to record conversations and the play them back to scare the family. They also leave messages saying they are going to rape one of the family members.