10 Fictional Brands Hollywood Loves To Use In Movies & TV

We’ve all had that moment where a character on TV or in a movie picks up a generically branded beer, or pulls out a package of cigarettes emblazoned with a logo that looks nothing like anything offered in the real world. [More]

"Wonderfully Mistaken Chris Smalling England Cups"

Souvenir Company Features U.S. President As Soccer Player On World Cup Mugs For English Team

Soccer fans eager to display their loyalty and love — often a newfound affection, right, America? — are going nuts for World Cup merchandise right about now, a fact any good souvenir company knows. But one British business apparently rushed past certain details on its mugs featuring members of the English national team: Funny how fullback Chris Smalling loooks exactly like U.S. President Barack Obama, isn’t it? [More]