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Health Insurers Looking To Charge Higher Individual Premiums In 2018. Which Americans Will Be Hit Hardest?

Health insurance companies that sell individual coverage plans through state exchanges are currently in the process of setting the rates they will charge customers for 2018. And the uncertainty over the state of America’s health care laws and President Trump’s repeated threats to summarily cut off billions of dollars in federal subsidies to insurers has many of these companies asking for significant increases. But not everyone would have to pay those higher prices, and some could actually end up with slightly lower premiums than they pay now. [More]

Massachusetts Proposes New Regulations For DraftKings, FanDuel

Massachusetts Proposes New Regulations For DraftKings, FanDuel

While New York and Nevada have joined the ranks of states barring residents from playing daily fantasy sports sites DraftKings and Fan Duel, DraftKings’ home state of Massachusetts is demonstrating more flexibility, proposing new regulations that would still allow the sites to operate in the state. [More]

Subway.com still contains a link to Jared's section on the site but clicking the link just takes you back to the homepage.

Subway Removes “Jared’s Journey” From Website Following FBI Search Of Spokesman’s Home

UPDATE: A new Tweet from Subway says that the company and Jared “have agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation, and that “Jared is cooperating with authorities.” [More]

Determining The Right Amount Of Life Insurance

Determining The Right Amount Of Life Insurance

If you rely on someone else’s income or financially support others, the decision of whether or not to buy life insurance is easy. Determining the right amount to buy is far more difficult, requiring an alchemy of guesswork involving lost income, projected expenses and life expectancy.