Mike Mozart

Pepsi: We’re Trying To Sell You Healthier Snacks, But You Keep Buying Cheetos

Pepsi, despite what you may think, really just wants to sell you health food. And it’s all ready and waiting to start putting less-fried, less-salty options in your hand. The problem, the company says? You just won’t stop buying chips. [More]

General Mills Calling Its First New Cereal In 15 Years “Tiny Toast”

General Mills Calling Its First New Cereal In 15 Years “Tiny Toast”

General Mills has taken a few steps back from the cereal industry in the new millennium, putting its breakfast focus on other things like yogurt and meal bars. In its first cereal attempt since 2001, the company is coming back to the bowl with Tiny Toast, which is not to be confused with its new big brother, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. [More]

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Watch A Man Make A Carrot Eggshell Raisin Smoothie And Don’t Puke

What did you do for the last 27 minutes of your life? It could not possibly have been as entertaining nor as fascinating as watching a 1949 informecial for a Vitamix that includes a recipe for a Carrot/Eggshell/Raisin smoothie.



Food Companies Not Bragging About Making Products Healthier Out Of Fear You’ll Reject Change

Change can be terrifying. Just ask my brother, who ran screaming at a young age when my formerly straight-haired mom came home with a perm. That kind of reaction is exactly why the companies behind Boston Market, Hamburger Helper and even McDonald’s don’t always go bragging to customers when they change products to make them healthier — they’re worried about rejection, just like the rest of us. [More]

Yes, You Can Use Grocery Coupons While Avoiding Junk Food

Clipping coupons can be a fun hobby and effective money-saving strategy, but a recent study shows that the coupons that come stuffed in your local paper are often for unhealthy or pre-made foods and brand-name products. Does this mean that coupons are completely useless if you don’t want to eat junk? No, not necessarily.