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Mike Mozart

Moe’s Takes Over From Chipotle As Most-Loved Tex-Mex Chain

It’s easy to figure out why fast-casual chain Chipotle has fallen in the opinion of American consumers: there was that series of foodborne illness outbreaks in their restaurants from the fall of 2015 through early 2016. Since last year, the chain fell from the top position in the Harris Poll restaurant rankings for its category, behind Taco Bell, Qdoba, and Baja Fresh. The top position was taken by Moe’s, a smaller chain. [More]

(Alan Rappa)

New Survey Shows Why Amazon Has Bricks-And-Mortar Retailers Worried

Many bricks-and-mortar retailers claim Amazon has an unfair advantage because it is not — in most states — yet required to collect sales tax on purchases, or that Amazon can offer huge discounts because it doesn’t have the overhead associated with running a retail store. But a new survey shows that people might just like Amazon more than other retailers. [More]