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Apple Takes Back Wi-Fi-Sabotaging MacBook, Replaces It With Shiny New One

Micahel’s new Macbook had a very unusual flaw. Whenever it was connected to his home network, it would take out his modem. Unfortunately, it didn’t take the whole Apple Store’s network down, so he wasn’t able to replicate the problem for the Geniuses. After five trips and a variety of repairs, Apple finally gave up…and gave him a brand new MacBook.



Comcast (Eventually) Buys Customer New TV After Her Cable Box Goes BOOM!

A California woman says she was just watching TV one night when her Comcast cable box suddenly exploded, followed by her TV shutting itself off, never to turn on again. [More]

How to turn a bad experience into a good one.

Complaint About Disappointing Noodle Bowl Results In Bounty Of Noodles For Customer

Consumerist reader Scott is a big fan of the noodle bowls made by the folks at Nongshim America. But when he recently went to heat up a bowl, he was let down by the half-full product he encountered. The way the company responded certainly made up for the disappointment. [More]


Jack The Cat Found After Two Months In JFK Airport

Before the flight to his new home in California, Jack the cat escaped from his travel carrier and disappeared into John F. Kennedy Airport. The airline organized searches and put out food, and animal lovers all over the world helped in any way they could, from performing their own searches of the airport and nearby neighborhoods to getting word out to employees of nearby businesses and other airlines. We’re happy to report that Jack has been found. In two months, he apparently never left the airport.


Bad Charge at Macy’s Leads to Good Deed

Bad Charge at Macy’s Leads to Good Deed

Chris sends in a happy story about Macy’s messing up, then going above and beyond to not only remedy the problem, but assuage its effects. His letter details exceptional service, but not surprising for a department store counter known for high levels of customer care.