Japan says their study of Tamiflu has proven inconclusive. They’re testing whether or not the flu medication is responsible for abnormal behavior in a percentage of patients. [Reuters]

Comcast, The Bedazzler

Comcast hopes that you will be distracted by these new ads and forget about how much their customer support sucks. What they should really do is capitalize on the sleeping tech fiasco. Do a campaign about how Comcast techs are your buddy. They’re so friendly, you want to hang out with them and play Halo2 and smoke weed and pass out on the sofa together. That tech shouldn’t have been fired, he should have been made company spokesman. Four spots here, found via Adfreak, with hipster mermen, hipster loggers whose jobs have been taken by robots, hipster Das Boot (sucks), and hipster Japanese game show. Whether being cross-bred with sheep and eating skittles or attending officially PRB sanctioned concerts, hipsters are the roxor.