Ex-Employees Sue Sony Pictures, Claiming Company Failed To Protect Workers’ Personal Info From Hack

Ex-Employees Sue Sony Pictures, Claiming Company Failed To Protect Workers’ Personal Info From Hack

In the wake of the major hack over at Sony Pictures Entertainment earlier this month, two former employees are suing the company, claiming that Sony Pictures didn’t do enough to protect their personal information from hackers.



Report: Breach Of USPS’ Networks Compromises Personal Data Of 2.9M Customers, 750K Employees & Retirees

Let’s all pick our jaws up off the floor because, and I know you won’t believe this, yet another security breach has compromised the personal information of millions of people. The latest in what has become an unfortunate trail of hack attacks has hit the U.S. Postal Service computer system, officials say.



Researchers: iOS Bug Allows Malware To Replace Your Phone’s Real Apps

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — don’t download apps from third-party sites, or do so at your phone’s peril. Security researchers say they’ve found a particularly sneaky bug in Apple’s iOS that allows hackers to replace real apps with fakes, that can then steal log-in credentials and gain access to a treasure trove of your information. [More]

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Google Study: Email Users 36 Times More Likely To Get Scammed If Friends’ Accounts Get Hacked

So you think your job is done — you’ve secured your email against hackers by thinking up the best password in the entire world. You’re safe, or so you think. But a new study from Google says that if your friends and email contacts have already been hacked, you’re much more likely to get scammed, too.



Home Depot Hackers Used Self-Checkouts To Access 56M Credit/Debit Cards, 53M Email Addresses

We’re beginning to get a clearer picture of just what led to the massive Home Depot data breach discovered less than two months ago. [More]


By the numbers alone, basically everyone in the country has been the victim of at least one data breach in the past year, if not more. 106 million Americans had their card data stolen from Target and Home Depot alone, to say nothing of the data breaches at Jimmy John’s, Dairy Queen, P.F. Chang’s, UPS, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, ACME, Shaw’s, Sally Beauty Supply, Goodwill, some Marriott hotels, Neiman Marcus, and Michael’s craft stores. And that isn’t even considering other breaches that were too small to make national headlines, or that simply haven’t been discovered yet.

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No one is too big to get hacked — and that includes JPMorgan Chase and at least four other banks that were hit by hackers earlier this month. The FBI is investigating the blitzes, which seem to be sophisticated, coordinated cyberattacks that grabbed gigagbytes of data. [More]

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PlayStation Network Crashes, Hackers Make Bomb Threat Against Plane Carrying Sony Exec

After claiming responsibility for a denial-of-service attack that took down the Sony PlayStation network, a group of hackers tweeted that there was a bomb onboard an American Airlines flight carrying the president of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley. That plane was diverted, and all passengers on it safely removed. [More]


UPS: Hackers Hit Computer Systems At 51 Retail Stores, Possibly Exposing Customer Info

Did I bump my head and wake up in late 2013? Because it sure feels like deja vu with a slew of recent data breaches: Joining P.F. Chang’s, a group of supermarket chains and Community Health Systems in this month’s data breach roll call is United Parcel Service, which says 51 of its retail store locations had their computer systems hacked. [More]


Hackers Seeking Ransom Steal User Data From European Central Bank’s Website

The European Central Bank announced today that hackers have stolen about 20,000 email addresses and an unknown but lower amount of other information like physical addresses and phone numbers from a database serving its website. The information was reportedly lifted from the ECB’s listings of people who register for its events, and isn’t tied to internal ECB systems. [More]

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Yo Founder: We Were Lucky To Get Hacked (And Everything Is Fixed Now)

The makers of one-word messaging app Yo are sounding the all-clear after reports last week that the app could easily be hacked, leaving users’ phone numbers at risk. But also? That whole thing was a good thing, the founder explains. [More]

Popular Messaging App Of The Moment “Yo” Has Some Serious Security Issues

Popular Messaging App Of The Moment “Yo” Has Some Serious Security Issues

Have you Yo’ed yet today? No? Me either, my younger cousins haven’t Facebooked about it so I’m out of the loop. Anyway, it’s the messaging app that’s been all the rage for at least 48 hours or so, all because its sole function is to send your friends the word, “Yo.” Yes, that’s it. In any case, just as quickly as its star has shot to the heavens, people are already claiming to have hacked it right back down again. [More]

Report: Almost Half Of American Adults Were Hacked In The Last Year

Report: Almost Half Of American Adults Were Hacked In The Last Year

If you’ve felt like there hasn’t been a day in the last year without a warning of some new hack on big businesses and services you use and have had to change your passwords and keep an eye on your accounts as a result, you’re not alone — not by a long shot. A new report says about half of American adults were the victims of hackers in the last 12 months. [More]

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Microsoft Has Yet To Issue A Fix For Major Internet Explorer Security Flaw

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Microsoft: Internet Explorer Security Flaw Responsible For “Limited, Targeted Attacks”

Another day, another computer security problem that could be opening up people to hack attacks: Microsoft says there’s a security hole in versions 6 through 11 of Internet Explorer, the default browser for many a PC user. And hey, remember when you were warned to stop running Windows XP? This is why. [More]


Reminder: If You’re Still Running Windows XP, Microsoft Is No Longer Providing Support

If you’re reading this on a computer running Windows XP, you’re either the overconfident sort that thinks you’ll never get hacked or you’ve forgotten that today is the day Microsoft is dropping its support for the product. In either case, it’s time to upgrade or face security risks you don’t need to be taking. [More]

Report: Hackers Would Rather Steal Your Twitter Account Than Your Credit Card

Report: Hackers Would Rather Steal Your Twitter Account Than Your Credit Card

You keep an eye on your credit report and fastidiously pore over each and every statement to guard against identity theft and a drained bank account, and that’s good. But a new report says stolen Twitter accounts are more valuable to hackers on the black market than a stolen credit card number, so keep that password close as well. [More]

Meetup.com Would Rather Stay Offline Than Pay $300 Ransom To Hackers

Meetup.com Would Rather Stay Offline Than Pay $300 Ransom To Hackers

Where is Liam Neeson à la Taken (and don’t forget Taken 2: Someone Else Gets Taken) when you need someone to handle a kidnapping? Or in Meetup.com’s current scenario, a sitenapping? The site has been down since Thursday, citing a wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. But in a blog today, the company said it’s not going to pay a $300 ransom to the hackers responsible to get its site back. [More]