Petco, Walmart Products Included In Recall Of Potentially Tainted Rawhide Dog Chews

Petco, Walmart Products Included In Recall Of Potentially Tainted Rawhide Dog Chews

The recent recall of potentially contaminated rawhide dog chews has been expanded to now include products sold by Petco, Walmart, and others. [More]


Even $3 Million Isn’t Enough To Get Supermarkets In Dallas’s Food Deserts

In a desert, there’s not very much water to go around. In a food desert, the problem is groceries: reliable, affordable supermarkets with fresh, healthy, decent-quality offerings get farther apart and harder to find as you head into some regions. One Texas city has been trying to solve the problem for thousands of its residents by ooffering large amounts of cash to supermarket retailers, but even the lure of free millions has resulted in no takers. [More]

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Man Arrested, Accused Of Stuffing Steak Down Pants At H-E-B

As part of our ongoing coverage of people stuffing meat down their pants, here’s the latest incident out of Texas: an employee spotted a man stuffing steak down his pants in the meat department. The suspect took off on foot, and police caught up with him not far away. He was charged with theft and with evading arrest. [KOSA]


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H-E-B Packs Of Apple Slices Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Consumers’ preference for pre-prepared but fresh and healthy snacks is a great trend for public health, but there’s one side effect that people may not have expected: fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables can carry dangerous pathogens right along with those fresh and healthy snacks. Listeria bacteria was found in apples that may be in prepared fruit platters and snack packs from supermarket H-E-B, and they’ve all been recalled. [More]


Nine Retailers Recall Store-Branded Children’s Cold Medicine Over Overdose Risks

Nine retailers, including CVS and Rite Aid, have recalled two flavors of store-branded children’s liquid cold medicine over a potential overdose risk.


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Hamburger, Hot Dog Buns Recalled Because Terry Cloth Gloves Aren’t An Approved Ingredient

A week before people across the country sit down for barbecues and cookouts to celebrate the Fourth of July, one company is recalling a crucial element of any picnic: hamburger and hot dog buns. [More]

H-E-B Posting Signs In Stores Asking Customers Not To Buy More Than 3 Cartons Of Eggs Amid Shortage

H-E-B Posting Signs In Stores Asking Customers Not To Buy More Than 3 Cartons Of Eggs Amid Shortage

Following on the heels of Whataburger’s recent announcement that it’s shortening its weekday breakfast hours due to the recent egg shortage caused by an especially bad outbreak of avian flu, Texas supermarket chain H-E-B is posting signs in its stores asking customers to please not buy up all the eggs at once.


June Recall Roundup: Melting Mason Jars And Phantom Ovens

June Recall Roundup: Melting Mason Jars And Phantom Ovens

In this month’s Recall Roundup for consumer goods, a laptop battery recall expands, mason jar night lights melt, and a friendly toy policeman is not as friendly as he initially appears to be. [More]


Sam’s Club, Kroger & H-E-B Remove All Blue Bell Ice Cream Products Amid Contamination Concerns

Two weeks after Blue Bell Creameries expanded the recall of products linked to an outbreak of listeriosis that resulted in three deaths, several major grocery chains have taken things a step farther by removing all of the company’s products from the ice cream aisle. [More]

Introducing The Most Worthless Coupon Ever

Introducing The Most Worthless Coupon Ever

Coupons and promotions are great things to get customers into a store and to get our attention, but sometimes you have to stop and say, “Wait a minute.” Here are two cases of inauspicious promotions that readers have spotted lately: a stack of worthless coupons, and a gift card advertised at its face value. [More]