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(Mr. Jose Gonzalez)

Australian Cafe Docks Guest Workers’ Pay For Burned Waffles, Incorrect Sandwich Assembly

It’s nice to hear that a restaurant has high standards, but one cafe in Perth, Australia took things too far by docking workers’ pay for minor infractions. How minor? Fining them AU$100 (about $94) for being five minutes late, $30 for sticking the tomato slice on the wrong layer of a club sandwich, and $12 for overcooking a waffle. While subpar waffles are a shame, these deductions are illegal. [More]


Guest Workers Claim McDonald’s Put Them On Call 24/7, Housed Them In Crappy Coed Dorms

The young people who came to the United States on J-1 visas paid thousands of dollars for the opportunity to visit America, improve their spoken English, and gain work experience. The McDonald’s franchisee who hired them, though, allegedly had other ideas. The students went on strike this week, claiming that the franchisee didn’t give them enough work, and took exorbitant rent out of their paychecks for their housing, with 6-8 students of both sexes to room on rickety bunk beds. [More]