No, New York Times, No One Wants To Put Peas In Their Guacamole

The Twitter account for the New York Times learned a very important lesson today: Avocados are sacred, and as such, guacamole should not be despoiled by the likes of the pea, a food reviled by any kid ever forced to finish their vegetables before they could leave the table. Any suggestion otherwise is outright HERESY, according to the denizens of the Internet. The responses are numerous, the ire is intense, and discontent reigns. [@NYTimes]

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Chipotle Reveals Its Guacamole Recipe To The World

Is Chipotle farther away than your own kitchen? Probably, but that won’t matter now if you’ve got a hankering for the chain’s guacamole, because Chipotle revealed its recipe and instructions on how to make the good green stuff online Sunday morning. [More]


Scientists Trying To Save Avocados From Deadly Fungus Using Dogs And Heat-Sensing Drones

Stare deep into that bowl of guacamole you treasure so much. Look into its green depths and ask yourself this question — “What is the most important thing here?” We all know what it is, and now scientists are trying to save it: Avocados are in danger from a nasty fungus spread by beetles, and heat-sensing drones and their canine friends might be their saviors. [More]

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From Guacamole To Coffee To Beef To Bourbon, Your Favorite Things Will Cost More In 2015

While the prices on certain things will inevitably decrease in the coming year — like the cost of my 1989 Daihatsu Charade or the amount of money I need to spend on shampoo — lots of things are expected to get pricier. Unfortunately, a number of these more expensive items are probably on many of your “things I really enjoy” lists. [More]

Would You Like Guacamole With Your McDonald’s Meal?

Would You Like Guacamole With Your McDonald’s Meal?

You might react to this concept with either horror or curiosity: McDonald’s is testing guacamole as a condiment and dipping sauce at its restaurants in southern California, and they’re testing a fancy new Guacamole Burger in Denver. For 89 cents, they’ll put guacamole on anything. Anything? [More]

Chipotle Mentions Possible Guacamole Shortage, Everyone Promptly Freaks Out

Chipotle Mentions Possible Guacamole Shortage, Everyone Promptly Freaks Out

Won’t someone think of all those orphaned tortilla chips? Sure, there’s always salsa, but if Chipotle has a guacamole shortage, there’s going to be a lot of sad little chips. And people. Don’t start researching rooftop avocado farms just yet, though — Chipotle’s just preparing for the worst in light of “global climate change.” [More]

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What’s The Best Store-Bought Guacamole?

It’s not hard to make your own guacamole at home, but that doesn’t mean that you always want to. Sometimes opening a container instead of actual cooking is where it’s at. How do you choose the best pre-made guac on the shelf, though? Buy every brand available and taste-test it? Don’t worry: our freshly mashed colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports already took care of that for you. [More]

Talking to your banana like a phone might not do much, but it's fun.(giarose)

5 Tips To Save Your Food From Getting Gross

The kitchen can turn from a bastion of culinary hopes and dreams bursting to the seams with fresh food into a sad wasteland of ruined recipes and deflated expectations if you don’t eat your groceries quickly enough. But there’s no need to resign yourself to that fate, friends. You can save your food if you know how. [More]

Increased Number Of Foodborne Illnesses Coming From Salsa & Guacamole

Increased Number Of Foodborne Illnesses Coming From Salsa & Guacamole

In the last two decades, the number of Americans noshing on salsa and guacamole at restaurants has soared. Unfortunately, so has the number of Americans getting sick from salsa and guacamole they eat at restaurants. [More]

What Are Your Super Bowl Plans?

What Are Your Super Bowl Plans?

Of course you’ll be watching Ben liveblog the commercials tonight, but from where will you be watching? The L.A. Times tells us that Super Bowl parties are the latest victim of the financial godzilla angrily stomping down our spendthrift ways. Take a minute tonight between Ben’s updates to look around and ask yourself if there was more guacamole to spread around last year.

What Is The Definition of "Real Kraft Cheese"?

What Is The Definition of "Real Kraft Cheese"?

Kraft, like many food makers, often walks a fine line with its marketing, testing the limits of federal labeling regulations that are often vague or confusing.

Kraft: Fake Guacamole Lawsuit

If Kraft could make peanut butter with no peanuts in it, you can bet they would. The LA TImes is reporting that a California woman is suing Kraft because their “Guacamole” doesn’t have enough avocado.