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Kevin Gagel

States Will Go To Court To Stop EPA Rollback Of Fuel-Efficiency Standards

President Trump has made it known that his administration intends to oblige the auto industry’s request to roll-back longterm standards for greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency in most new vehicles. However, some states say they will go to court to fight carmakers’ attempts to undo these guidelines. [More]


Automakers Ask New EPA Chief Pruitt To Rescind Mileage, Greenhouse Gas Standards

Now that Scott Pruitt — the former Oklahoma Attorney General who repeatedly sued the Environmental Protection Agency — has been sworn in as the Administrator of the agency whose policies he once attacked, auto industry lobbyists are calling on the EPA to put a stop to longterm fuel-economy and emissions standards locked in by the previous White House. [More]

Environmental Groups Say Climate Bill Won't Help Common Folk

Environmental Groups Say Climate Bill Won't Help Common Folk

A Reuters story says some environmental groups are going after a climate bill meant to clear the air will do no favors for consumers. The piece of legislation, which is expected to come to a vote within a couple months, is geared to slash greenhouse emissions by nearly a fifth of 2005 levels by 2020.