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Frozen Vegetable Recall Expands Again, Covers 16 More Products Sold Nationally

Frozen Vegetable Recall Expands Again, Covers 16 More Products Sold Nationally

The massive frozen vegetable recall linked to a listeria outbreak that has so far resulted in two deaths and eight illnesses, has once again expanded. According to notices posted with the Food & Drug Administration, NORPAC Foods recalled Natural Directions Organics Mixed Vegetables and Natural Directions Organic Green Peas, while Picsweet issued a recall of 14 varieties of frozen vegetables that contain green beans or green peas from supplier CRF Frozen Foods. The vast vegetable recall kicked off two weeks ago when CRF announced the voluntary call back of frozen organic and traditional fruit and vegetable products manufactured or processed at its Washington facility since May 1, 2014 after finding traces of listeria in the food. [Food & Drug Administration] [More]

How many snakes do you see on this can? Zero. (Fox 13)

Canned Green Beans Recalled After Church Group Finds Snake Head

A church youth group in Utah was cooking meals for the seniors of their community when they found an unexpected ingredient: their leader found a snake’s head among the green beans. The company, Western Family, a supplier of store-brand products, has now announced a recall of that lot of beans, since no customer wants to find the rest of that snake. [More]

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Cascadian Farms Recalls Frozen Green Beans From 2014 For Possible Listeria

We have really terrible news for anyone out there who was planning to make a turkey bacon and green bean sandwich on whole wheat or multi-grain bread, even though that has probably never been a sandwich that a real person would eat or make. All three of those foods have been recalled in the last few days, now including green beans from Cascadian Farm. [More]

Not the frog from the can of green beans. (AaronBBrown)

Customer Finds Frog In Can Of Green Beans, Gets $50 For Her Troubles

We already know you can possibly find a wee little frog hanging out in your bag o’ salad, but what about in those tightly sealed cans of green beans you bought at the supermarket? [More]

Allen's Bribes Customers Who Find Dead Rat Heads In Their Italian Green Beans

Allen's Bribes Customers Who Find Dead Rat Heads In Their Italian Green Beans

Texas wedding caterer Dale Cane found a dead rat’s head in one of the twenty cans of Allen’s Italian Green Beans he bought at Walmart. Allen’s quickly offered Cane $200 if he agreed to keep quiet, and assured him that “the Pasteurization process renders the product sterile and completely safe for consumption.” Even worse, this isn’t the first time a dead rat’s head popped up in a can of Allen’s Green Beans…

New Era Green Beans Recalled For Botulism

New Era Green Beans Recalled For Botulism

Large institutional-sized cans of green beans have been recalled for botulism, says the FDA.

Snakehead Found In Can Of Green Beans

Snakehead Found In Can Of Green Beans

It is a symptom of our curious existence that while processed vegetables and fruits give us the constant convenience of food that has been cleaned and prepared, the truth remains that mechanization and automation of the processing is imperfect, and the price we pay for never having to pull a bean from a garden is that, occasionally, there will be a decapitated snakehead on our dinnerplate.