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Joshua B. Leners

Google Is Not Opening A Real-Life Store After All

Sorry to disappoint you, tech fans, but you will not be able to visit New York City and go on a strange technology tour by visting flagship stores from Apple, Google, and Microsoft. While Google was reportedly planning to open its first store, even leasing and renovating a space in Manhattan, they seem to have changed their minds. [More]

Google opened its first branded retail store in London today.

Google’s First Branded Retail Store Opens In London

Move over Apple and Microsoft, there’s another tech company taking its products to the retail floor with its own branded store: Google. [More]

(Joshua B. Leners)

Is A Google Store Coming To Manhattan? What Would It Sell?

Google isn’t just a company that provides e-mail service and a search engine anymore: they sell stuff. Actual stuff, like Chromebooks, Nexus tablets and smartphones, and Google Glass face computers. That’s recent reports that Google signed a lease on an 8,000 square foot retail space in the SoHo neighborhood aren’t at all surprising. What exactly will Google sell there, though? [More]