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PayPal, Debit, Credit… Which One Is The Safest Online?

PayPal, Debit, Credit… Which One Is The Safest Online?

The NYT breaks down the different security risks by payment type. The takeaway? No method is perfect, but credit cards have the strongest legal protections for consumers. [More]

Google Checkout Just As Bad As PayPal

Google Checkout Just As Bad As PayPal

Web brokers Google and PayPal don’t believe in human-to-human communication, and one place where you really need that is when you’re troubleshooting financial transactions. An interface designer/developer who used Google Checkout to sell an ebook has just been given a huge serving of suck by the “don’t be evil” company—they closed her account on her without warning and refuse to tell her why the closed it. The $200 in earnings that hadn’t been paid out yet are unretrievable, and she can’t open a new one.

Save On Back-To-School With Google Checkout

Save On Back-To-School With Google Checkout

Google has a special back to school promotion where you can get $10 off $60 and $5 off $30 discounts at a bunch of different online stores when you use their Google Checkout payment service. Official Site [via ProBargainhunter]

Google Is Sorry, Will Offer Full Refunds To Video Customers

Google Is Sorry, Will Offer Full Refunds To Video Customers

Google has admitted to making a mistake with its poorly conceived (and received) plan to offer Google check out credits to customers who had purchased videos on its recently discontinued video download service.

Where Do I Go If There’s A Problem With My Google Checkout Order?

Where Do I Go If There’s A Problem With My Google Checkout Order?

If you order something using Google Checkout and there’s a problem with you order, there is a standard mediation process to follow.

Google Checkout OK For Micropayments

Google Checkout OK For Micropayments

Google Checkout can be used for transactions as low as $.05, reader Mary Marsala With Fries confirms.

Vincent Gallo: Try Google Checkout

Vincent Gallo: Try Google Checkout

Paypal suspended Vincent Gallo’s account after he put his sperm up for auction ($50,000). For an additional $500,000, Gallo said he would inseminate in-utero.

Try Google Checkout, Paypal Minus Evil

• Use it now and get $10 off $30 or $20 off $50, at participating stores.

PayPal To Introduce $20 Rebates

PayPal To Introduce $20 Rebates

PayPal plans on giving $20 rebates to customers shopping at participating partner sites, November 23 through May 15, 2007. Online merchants include iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Dell, Petsmart, Starbucks,, HP, and many more.

Google Checkout Promises To Be Less Evil Than Paypal

Google Checkout Promises To Be Less Evil Than Paypal

Unlike Paypal, Google Checkout promises to not suddenly freeze your bank account.