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Critics Say New Anti-Trafficking Bill Could “Jeopardize Bedrock Principles” Of Social Media

A new Senate bill with rare bipartisan support seeks to curb online sex trafficking, but some critics of the legislation say the bill is so broadly written that it could open up legal floodgates that could expose social media networks Facebook and Twitter and popular reader-edited sites like reddit to prosecution for content published by users. [More]

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Let’s Guess What Happens If You Drive A Stolen Shopping Scooter To Meet Your Probation Officer

There are many things you can do to make sure you don’t go get in trouble with the law for another go around, but a surefire way to hop right into that hot water again? By boosting a ride and driving it to a meeting with a probation officer. [More]

Know Your BP Gulf Disaster Charity

Know Your BP Gulf Disaster Charity

Before you rip up your checkbook or rush down to pitch in, make sure you get to know the BP Gulf disaster-related charity you’re getting in bed with.


Washington D.C. Gives Away Uncool, Defective Condoms

Washington D.C. Gives Away Uncool, Defective Condoms

We’re sure that Washington D.C. meant well when it started giving away free condoms in order to help stop the spread of H.I.V. in the US city with the highest AIDS rate. One problem: The condoms suck.