Megan Sparks

FDA: Stop Eating Raw Cookie Dough Or Making Home-Made Play-Dough For Now

For years, raw chocolate chip cookie dough was a forbidden treat. Everyone said — rightly or wrongly — that you shouldn’t consume it because the uncooked eggs could make you sick. Then came special commercial dough preparations that worked around that, and there was much rejoicing (and many ice cream sales). But now, alas, cookie dough is back off the table, as are any other uncooked treats… and this time, it’s all down to the flour.



CDC Figured Out The General Mills Flour Recall Because Some People Leave Flour In Bags

When you buy a new bag of flour, what do you do? Do you dump the bag out into a bin or canister in your kitchen, or do you scoop it out of the bag it came in? Both methods work fine, but it was the members of Team Bag who helped the Food and Drug Administration solve the mystery of a recent nationwide E. coli outbreak. [More]

Gold Medal Travel Demands $200 To Correct Typo, Won't Issue Ticket Otherwise

Gold Medal Travel Demands $200 To Correct Typo, Won't Issue Ticket Otherwise

Gold Medal Travel, a UK-based travel agency, is holding a woman’s ticket hostage. Even though Northwest airlines says the ticket will be fine and they have no policy like what Gold Medal claims, Gold Medal says the ticket will be forfeited if the woman doesn’t give them an extra $200 to correct a…