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The smaller, still kind of expensive, 4K Handycam.

Sony Betting That People Want To Watch 4K TV, Have Their Every Move Tracked… And Play Tennis

Judging by Sony’s first press event at CES 2014 (CEO Kazuo Harai will be giving the keynote speech when the actual event opens tomorrow morning), the tech titan is really banking on the hope that consumers are already over boring old 1080p HD and that they’ll be willing to pay for the higher resolution of 4K TVs. The company has gone as far as putting out a consumer-grade 4K camera so people will create their own content for the sets. [More]

Report: Sprint Places Order For 30.5 Million iPhones

Report: Sprint Places Order For 30.5 Million iPhones

Among the many whispers surrounding tomorrow’s big iPhone announcement are rumors that Sprint would finally get its hands on the coveted smartphone. Now comes a report that the wireless company isn’t just going to be offering the iPhone but that it’s betting the company’s future on it. [More]