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When TWC soon-to-be CEO Rob Marcus says "We are listening," does he mean that the company is snooping on customers or is he using the majestic plural to refer to himself?

Incoming Time Warner Cable CEO: Good Customer Service Is When The Customer Doesn’t Need To Call Us

Comcast CEO and King of Kabletown Brian Roberts may think that dealing with more than a billion customer interactions each year is an acceptable excuse for his company’s poor customer service reputation, but the guy about to take the reins at Time Warner Cable sees things a little differently (or at least that’s what he claims to believe). [More]

Time Warner Cable CEO Warns Price Hikes May Come Back To Bite Industry On The Derriere

Time Warner Cable CEO Warns Price Hikes May Come Back To Bite Industry On The Derriere

Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn “Two Ns, Two Ts” Britt has been an outspoken critic on broadcasters who package desirable, high-viewership channels with niche-market offerings and tell cable companies to pay for them all or get access to none, which results in the cable providers passing these bundles (and the price tag) on to customers, many of whom only watch a handful of the hundreds of available channels. It’s a model, says Britt, that could have dire consequences. [More]


Time Warner Cable Considers Offering Broadcast Channels Over The Internet

While all the network broadcasters are suing Aereo — the startup that captures over-the-air signals then transmits them to subscribers over the Internet for a monthly fee — the CEO of Time Warner Cable is looking that the tech and thinking it may be a pretty good idea for his company. [More]

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Time Warner Cable CEO Says It’s Time To Thin The Cable Channel Herd

Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt has made no secret of his distaste for the bundles of channels his and other cable companies are forced to accept in order to carry the few channels that customers actually watch. Now, says Britt, it’s time to actually do something about it. [More]