This Giving Tuesday, Help Keep Consumerist Independent (And Get Free Stuff For Donating)

When you came to Consumerist today, did you have to wait for 14 different banner ads to load, or hurriedly click around to mute an auto-play video? Likewise, you didn’t have to scroll past any “sponsored stories” bought and paid for by the companies we’re supposed to hold accountable. That’s because Consumerist does not accept advertising in any form. You can help keep it that way — and score some free stuff — with a tax-deductible donation this Giving Tuesday. [More]


Here’s A Wacky Idea: How About A Day Devoted To Giving After All That Shopping?

Now that you’ve lugged home all your bags and boxes and Black Friday loot, you might be feeling a little bit… funny about it. Spending all that cash on loved ones during Black Friday/Thursday sales and even online during Cyber Monday is great, of course, but now charitable groups want to steer your need to spend in another direction with the first ever Giving Tuesday. Oh hey, that’s tomorrow! [More]