Solve This Math Problem, Verizon

Solve This Math Problem, Verizon

Considering their ability to convert cents to dollars, Verizon should have no trouble solving this equation.

VerizonMath’s Open Letter To Verizon

George Vaccaro posted an open letter to Verizon after winning a public battle over his wireless bill, a fight that hinged on Verizon Wireless employee’s inability to tell the difference between .002 cents and .002 dollars.

Verizon Finally Admits They Were Wrong

It only took them five days, but somehow it got through to Verizon that they were wrong. They issued George an official apology letter and promised to teach their reps the difference between dollars and cents.

YouTubers Post Videos In Response To Verizon Math Call

5Six different video have already gone up on YouTube in response to our upload of George’s original “Verizon Can’t Count” phone call.