Lawsuit Claims Toyota, GM & Ford Deceived Consumers About Hackability Of Connected Cars

A recently filed class action lawsuit claims that Toyota, Ford and General Motors knowingly put consumers at risk by selling connected cars that can be susceptible to hackers looking to remotely control vehicle functionality.  [More]


GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Increases To 57 Nearly A Month After Claims Deadline

Nearly a month after the deadline to file death and injury compensation claims related to General Motors’ ignition recall, the number of fatalities tied to the long-ignored defect continues to increase.


Death Toll From GM Ignition Defect Reaches 56

Death Toll From GM Ignition Defect Reaches 56

A year after General Motors first announced the long-delayed recall of the Chevy Cobalt, Saturn Ion and several other vehicles for an ignition problem that both the carmaker and regulators had ignored, the fund responsible for vetting death and injury claims related to the recall is now acknowledging at least 56 fatalities. [More]

GM Provides More Details On Long-Range Affordable Electric Chevy Bolt

GM Provides More Details On Long-Range Affordable Electric Chevy Bolt

A month after General Motors showed off a prototype of the Chevy Bolt — a purely electric vehicle that the carmaker estimates will get around 200 miles per charge and only cost around $30,000 — the company has provided details to show that it intends to move ahead with production on the Bolt. [More]


GM Spent $2.8B To Cover The Record Recalls Of 2014

General Motors continues to put an epic year of recalls in the rearview mirror. After recalling 30 million vehicles and providing compensation for the families and victims of its massive ignition switch defect, the car company has announced it can now put a price on 2014’s recallapalooza: $2.8 billion. [More]

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GM Compensation Fund: Approved Death, Injury Claims Likely To Rise Following Onslaught Of New Submissions

Although the deadline for submissions to the General Motors ignition switch victims’ compensation fund has come and gone, officials with the program say the number of approved death and injury claims will likely rise for several more months. [More]

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Senators Urge GM To Extend Deadline For Filing Ignition Switch Claims

With just three days left before General Motors’ self-imposed victim compensation claim deadline, two senators are encouraging the car manufacturer to extend the cut off beyond January 31. [More]


GM Compensation Fund Approves 50th Death Claim, Submission Deadline Saturday

Just five days before the submission deadline for consumers affected by General Motors’ massive ignition switch defect, administrators for the compensation fund say they have officially linked 50 deaths to the faulty devices. [More]


GM Stops Sales Of Some 2015 SUVs After Goodyear Announces Tire Recall

If you were planning to purchase a General Motors SUV this weekend you might be out of luck. The automaker instructed dealers to halt sales on thousands of model year 2015 SUVs after Goodyear announced the recall of nearly 49,000 tires. [More]


What Recall Woes? GM Sold Record 9.92M Vehicles In 2014

Back in June, General Motors hit the mark where it had officially recalled more cars during the 2014 recallapalooza than it had sold in the United States during the past seven years. While that comparison was startling and put the sheer enormity of the company’s many recalls into perspective, it apparently wasn’t something the company or consumers worried about, as a new report points out that the company still managed to sell a record number of vehicles last year.


Chevy Bolt Takes Aim At Tesla With Up To 200 Miles Per Charge, Cost In Low $30Ks

While the world still waits for the Tesla Model 3, an electric car that will get upwards of 200 miles per charge and cost around $35,000, General Motors today revealed a prototype for its Chevy Bolt, which aims to match that upcoming Tesla in both mileage and cost. [More]


GM Will Use OnStar To Zap Coupons Into Your Car

OnStar is General Motors’ in-car information service that does everything for you from call for help when it detects an accident to offering the kind of information and directions that most people now get from our smartphones. Now GM has a new offering to tempt new GM owners to subscribe to OnStar: special location-based coupons beamed right to their vehicles. [More]

General Motors Recalls 83,572 Trucks And SUVs For Ignition Switch Problems

General Motors Recalls 83,572 Trucks And SUVs For Ignition Switch Problems

General Motors’ Recallapalooza of 2014 now extends into 2015, with the company announcing yet another batch of vehicles recalled due to a possible ignition switch defect. Yes, the defect that caused cars to abruptly lose power and has caused 42 deaths that we know of. GM has recalled 83,572 Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac trucks and SUVs, but says that only about 500 of them potentially have the ignition lock defect. They just don’t know which ones. [More]

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2014 was a record-setting year in an enormous variety of ways, both good and bad. As we wrap up and head into 2015, here’s a look at what happened, and what we learned, in the 2014 that was.

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Early Lawsuits Regarding GM Ignition Switch Defect Often Fell Through Cracks In The Court System

Since General Motors began recalling millions of vehicles for defective ignition switches earlier this year, several reports have surfaced that show the car maker and federal regulators knew of the deadly issue but failed to address it. While they almost certainly dropped the ball, a new report shows that the country’s legal system also failed to protect consumers by creating an environment in which legitimate lawsuits involving deadly crashes of affected GM vehicles fell through the cracks for nearly a decade. [More]


GM Fund Now Links Ignition Defect To 42 Deaths, 58 Injuries

The General Motors victim compensation fund approved four death claims last week, bringing the total number of confirmed fatalities linked to faulty ignition switches to 42 – officially tripling the number of deaths GM initially linked to the issue. [More]

GM Issues New SUV And Truck Keys For Ignition Problem: Not THAT Ignition Problem

GM Issues New SUV And Truck Keys For Ignition Problem: Not THAT Ignition Problem

While it’s not directly related to the now-infamous General Motors ignition defect that has been blamed for the deaths of 35 motorists, the company is replacing ignition keys for some model year 2014 and 2015 Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks and SUVs. When the steering column is in the highest position, the shifter can make contact with the key and turn off the engine. [More]

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General Motors Recalls 316,000 Vehicles For Potential Headlight Failures

Imagine driving down a dark country road where there’s some traffic in the other direction, so you don’t have your high beams on. Suddenly, your headlights cut out. Wait! What? That’s the scenario posed in the latest General Motors recall, which concerns 317,357 vehicles sold in North America with model years between 2006 and 2008. [More]