Chevy Bolt Takes Aim At Tesla With Up To 200 Miles Per Charge, Cost In Low $30Ks

Chevy Bolt Takes Aim At Tesla With Up To 200 Miles Per Charge, Cost In Low $30Ks

While the world still waits for the Tesla Model 3, an electric car that will get upwards of 200 miles per charge and cost around $35,000, General Motors today revealed a prototype for its Chevy Bolt, which aims to match that upcoming Tesla in both mileage and cost. [More]


GM Will Use OnStar To Zap Coupons Into Your Car

OnStar is General Motors’ in-car information service that does everything for you from call for help when it detects an accident to offering the kind of information and directions that most people now get from our smartphones. Now GM has a new offering to tempt new GM owners to subscribe to OnStar: special location-based coupons beamed right to their vehicles. [More]

General Motors Recalls 83,572 Trucks And SUVs For Ignition Switch Problems

General Motors Recalls 83,572 Trucks And SUVs For Ignition Switch Problems

General Motors’ Recallapalooza of 2014 now extends into 2015, with the company announcing yet another batch of vehicles recalled due to a possible ignition switch defect. Yes, the defect that caused cars to abruptly lose power and has caused 42 deaths that we know of. GM has recalled 83,572 Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac trucks and SUVs, but says that only about 500 of them potentially have the ignition lock defect. They just don’t know which ones. [More]

2014: By The Numbers

Xavier J. Peg

2014 was a record-setting year in an enormous variety of ways, both good and bad. As we wrap up and head into 2015, here’s a look at what happened, and what we learned, in the 2014 that was.


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Early Lawsuits Regarding GM Ignition Switch Defect Often Fell Through Cracks In The Court System

Since General Motors began recalling millions of vehicles for defective ignition switches earlier this year, several reports have surfaced that show the car maker and federal regulators knew of the deadly issue but failed to address it. While they almost certainly dropped the ball, a new report shows that the country’s legal system also failed to protect consumers by creating an environment in which legitimate lawsuits involving deadly crashes of affected GM vehicles fell through the cracks for nearly a decade. [More]


GM Fund Now Links Ignition Defect To 42 Deaths, 58 Injuries

The General Motors victim compensation fund approved four death claims last week, bringing the total number of confirmed fatalities linked to faulty ignition switches to 42 – officially tripling the number of deaths GM initially linked to the issue. [More]

GM Issues New SUV And Truck Keys For Ignition Problem: Not THAT Ignition Problem

GM Issues New SUV And Truck Keys For Ignition Problem: Not THAT Ignition Problem

While it’s not directly related to the now-infamous General Motors ignition defect that has been blamed for the deaths of 35 motorists, the company is replacing ignition keys for some model year 2014 and 2015 Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks and SUVs. When the steering column is in the highest position, the shifter can make contact with the key and turn off the engine. [More]

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General Motors Recalls 316,000 Vehicles For Potential Headlight Failures

Imagine driving down a dark country road where there’s some traffic in the other direction, so you don’t have your high beams on. Suddenly, your headlights cut out. Wait! What? That’s the scenario posed in the latest General Motors recall, which concerns 317,357 vehicles sold in North America with model years between 2006 and 2008. [More]


Regulators Close Investigations Into 600,000 Ford, GM Vehicles Without Initiating Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration generally opens inquiries into car manufacturers after receiving numerous consumer complaints about an issue. Those investigations often lead to some type of safety recall. However, that wasn’t the case for two recently closed probes of more than 600,000 Ford and General Motors vehicles. [More]


Woman’s Conviction Overturned 10 Years After Fatal Wreck, GM Says Ignition Switch Could Be To Blame

Millions of General Motors vehicles have been found to contain a deadly ignition switch defect. Among those cars is the 2004 Saturn Ion. And while that may seem insignificant to the vast majority of consumers, it resulted in a judge clearing a Texas woman for a car accident that killed her fiancé. [More]


General Motor’s Ignition Switch Death Toll Rises To 35

Less than a year ago, General Motors claimed that only 13 fatalities had resulted from a faulty ignition switch issue. Now three months after a plan to compensate victims was set up, 35 death claims have been accepted.



Arizona Sues GM For $3B, Claiming Auto Maker Defrauded Consumers

So far this year General Motors has been party to a slew of lawsuits related to its massive ignition switch recall involving millions of vehicles with the potentially deadly defect. The latest case against GM was filed Wednesday by the State of Arizona, which alleges that the carmaker defrauded consumers out of an estimated $3 billion by knowingly selling defective vehicles. [More]

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GM Extends Claim Submission Deadline To January 31 For Ignition Switch Victims

With the deadline for submitting ignition switch related injuries and deaths for consideration under the General Motors’ Victim Compensation Plan a little more than a month away and thousands of consumers still waiting to be notified, officials with the car company have extended the deadline to January 31. [More]

GM Knew 2003 Death Was Tied To Ignition Problem, Didn’t Tell Family

GM Knew 2003 Death Was Tied To Ignition Problem, Didn’t Tell Family

Back in 2003, a woman died in a car crash after the airbag in her Saturn Ion failed to deploy. In 2004, GM denied an insurance claim related to the incident. That was the last the woman’s family would hear from the carmaker for 10 years, even though its own lawyers had included her in the 13 deaths it initially acknowledged were tied to a faulty ignition switch. [More]


Two Death, Four Injury Claims Approved By GM Last Week

The number of deaths and injuries linked to defective ignition switches in General Motors vehicles continued to tick upward last week, with two death claims and four injury claims being approved by the company’s victim compensation plan. [More]


Documents Show GM Ordered New Ignition Switches Before Recall

General Motors’ massive ignition switch defect saga continues to look increasingly bad for the carmaker as new court documents show the company ordered a half-million new ignition switches, valued at $2.8 million, months before it notified federal regulators that an issue existed. [More]

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General Motors Continues To Claim It Shouldn’t Be Liable For Ignition Switch Lawsuits

General Motors made it clear several months ago that it would use its 2009 bankruptcy to shield itself from liability in lawsuits regarding the now massive ignition switch defect recall. Yesterday the carmaker reiterated its stance that it can’t be held responsible for the bad behavior of the “Old GM.” [More]


GM Using $25 Gift Cards As Incentive For Consumers To Get Their Recalled Vehicles Fixed

General Motors’ social media campaign to coax consumers to fix their recalled vehicles doesn’t appear to be getting the job done. With just about half of the 2.4 million vehicles recalled for an ignition switch defect having been fixed, the car manufacturer has turned to dangling money in front of consumers to get the potentially dangerous cars off the road. [More]