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Electric Vehicles Could Cut Gasoline Demand By 20% In Next 20 Years

Part of the appeal of driving around town in an electric vehicle is that it doesn’t need gasoline, and thus, is better for the environment. But there’s one thing all of these vehicles aren’t good for: gasoline demand.  [More]

Computerized Gas Station Price War Takes Prices Down To A Few Pennies In Ohio

Computerized Gas Station Price War Takes Prices Down To A Few Pennies In Ohio

Gas prices have finally fallen below $2 per gallon where I live, but that’s still a fortune compared to what some motorists in Ohio encountered over the weekend. A computer glitch of some sort made the price at a Pilot Travel Center plummet as low as a few pennies, which attracted opportunistic shoppers. Then the Circle K across the street decided to keep up with their competitors by lowering their prices, too. [More]

Gas Prices Get Low, Stay Low: You Could Be Paying Under $2 Per Gallon Soon

Gas Prices Get Low, Stay Low: You Could Be Paying Under $2 Per Gallon Soon

If you’re planning an end-of-the-summer road trip, you’re in luck: Gas prices across the country are pretty low right now, dropping about 6% in the last month to just $2.59 a gallon on average. But if you’re planning to hit the highways and byways this fall, your luck is about to get even better at the pump, as experts say gas prices could fall below $2 a gallon next month. [More]

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Why Gasoline With More Than 10% Ethanol Will Make Your Mower Sad

Modern cars are designed to get around just fine with gasoline containing ethanol in their tanks, but not all gasoline that you buy at the corner gas station is healthy for other items that you own that use gas. Think outdoor power equipment like push mowers, string trimmers, and chainsaws. Cars made in 2006 and afterwards can take fuel that’s up to 15% ethanol, but that mixture can be disastrous for small gas-powered appliances. [More]

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Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile System As An Alternative To State’s Gas Tax

With more fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrid cars hitting the roads every day and requiring less gas, some states are looking into how they can still collect enough money from drivers to keep maintain their roads and bridges. Oregon is one such state, with a new test program that allows volunteers to pay the state not for the amount of fuel they buy at the pump with a gas tax, but for how many miles they drive. [More]

New Jersey Won’t Get Self-Serve Gas Pumps Anytime Soon

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As things stand right now, there are only two states in the nation where drivers are not allowed to pump their own gas: New Jersey and Oregon. Both states have legislation pending that would put an end to the days of full-serve only, but a powerful Garden State legislator has made it known that there will be no self-serve on his watch. [More]

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This Summer’s Gas Prices Predicted To Be At Their Lowest In Six Years

As if there wasn’t enough to celebrate with the impending arrival of summer, road trip vacations will be even better this year with gasoline predicted to be at its cheapest in at least six years. Perfect for when you finally decide to drive across the country to visit that giant ball of [insert weird thing to make a giant ball out of] in [state far away from where you live]. [More]


Yes, Adding Gasoline And Lighter Fluid To A Birthday Cake May Increase Risk Of Setting Other Things On Fire

With the dawning of the Internet age has come an era filled with technological advances and tools that let humans talk to each other all over the world in mere seconds. And yet it has also wrought incredible stupidity, all for the sake of filming things to post on YouTube. Adding to the list of very unwise things to do for Internet fame: Adding flammable liquids to a birthday cake to make it explode — while inside the house. [More]

25 States Could Have Sub-$2 Gas This Month

25 States Could Have Sub-$2 Gas This Month

More than one-third of states already have some gas options that will cost drivers less than $2/gallon, and a new report says it’s possible that this could increase to half of the country in the coming weeks. [More]


Gas Station Owners Aren’t Passing Their Savings On To Consumers

You may have noticed prices gradually falling at your neighborhood gas station over the last few months, what you may not know is that the price of oil has been falling even faster than that. Why aren’t station owners passing the savings on to drivers? They’re in a generally low-margin business, and we’re all still buying gas anyway. [More]

Exxon Shipped 5 Million Gallons Of Bad Fuel To Stations

Exxon Shipped 5 Million Gallons Of Bad Fuel To Stations

An ExxonMobil facility in Louisiana has been partially shut down this week while the company investigated what was causing complaints of gummed-up intake valves from area customers who fueled up with Exxon gasoline. A new report says that some 5 million gallons of the bad gas, enough to fill up hundreds of thousands of cars, was shipped out to gas stations. [More]

Ease The Pain Of Gas Price Increases And Boost Your Savings

Ease The Pain Of Gas Price Increases And Boost Your Savings

When gas prices rise, people who do a lot of driving feel it in their wallets. It hurts a lot. What if you could lessen the pain of fluctuations and put together a tiny nest egg in the process? That’s the idea behind the $4 Gas Savings Club. [More]

Walmart To Pay Out $25 Million Over Exploding Gas Cans

Walmart To Pay Out $25 Million Over Exploding Gas Cans

Even though Walmart does not manufacture plastic gasoline cans, it does sell more of the cans than any other retailer in the country and it has been named as a defendant in dozens of lawsuits regarding exploding cans. And so the retail giant has reportedly agreed to fork over $25 million to cover its portion of a $161 million settlement that would close the book on a number of unresolved claims. [More]

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Watch Out For E15 Fuel That’s Bad For Your Snowblower And Lawn Mower

In many parts of the country, it’s time to put your lawn mower away for the winter if you haven’t already. You should have run the equipment until the gas tank is empty before putting the items away for the year. What you may not know is that the gas you use all season long can damage your gardening gear if you aren’t careful, thanks to ethanol. [More]

How To Save Money On Gas: Real Tips And Persistent Myths

How To Save Money On Gas: Real Tips And Persistent Myths

Yeah, yeah, the best way to save money on gas is to get a more fuel-efficient car. That’s not always an option. What you can do is make some small changes to how you drive in order to maximize your fuel. Our colleagues over at Consumer Reports grabbed some cars and decided to figure out which minor changes to your driving work and which don’t. In? Take the bike rack off your roof. Out? Buying gas early in the morning because the air is cooler and you get more. [More]

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Do Not Drink These Energy Shots Unless You Are A Car

We have no idea whether gasoline additive Eco Fuel Saver does what it’s supposed to: increasing your fuel mileage, cutting back on pollutants, and making your car 800% more awesome. Or maybe just those first two. What we do know is that people are stupid. It’s not hard to picture what must have happened to lead the management of this gas station to put up this very prominent sign. [More]


The Average Commuter Wasted $818 In Time & Money Sitting In Traffic In 2011

For anyone who sat in traffic last year and felt like your time and money was slowly sliding away as the minutes ticked by, you’re not alone. A new report says American commuters wasted more time and fuel in 2011 than the year before, averaging out to about $818 on average in 2011. [More]


Americans Spent Highest Percentage Of Income In 30 Years On Fuel In 2012

Even though Americans are cutting down on how often they hit up the gas pump, as a country we’re paying a higher percentage of our incomes on gasoline than we have in the last 30 years. The Energy Department said in a new report that U.S. households shelled out an average of $2,912 last year for gas, or about 4% of their pretax income. [More]