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White House To Rescind EPA Mileage, Greenhouse Gas Standards

Following a request by auto industry lobbyists for new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to rescind the agency’s longterm fuel-economy and emissions standards, President Trump is expected to announce that his administration will indeed undo the guidance locked in during the last days of the Obama White House. [More]


Update: Philly Family With No Heat Says PGW Is Demanding $14K To Return Gas Meter

On Wednesday, we wrote about Consumerist reader Norma, whose family has been without gas service in Philadelphia — which means no heat — in their apartment for a few days. Since then, Norma says the local utility has demanded they pay $14,000 in order to get their meter returned and service turned back on. [More]


I Reported A Gas Leak To My Utility Company; They Took My Meter Away

Winter is no longer coming; it’s arrived and it’s quite cold in many parts of the country, including Philadelphia, where Norma, her husband, and their two small kids — as well as the family pets — currently don’t have heat. Not because they didn’t pay their bills, or because they are masochists, but because they reported a possible gas leak to their local utility company. [More]

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Gas Prices Will Go Up In 7 States Starting Jan. 1

As if waking up on Jan. 1 after a few too many glasses of bubbly the night before isn’t painful enough, drivers in seven states will be starting off the new year with higher gas prices, thanks to new taxes. [More]

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Colonial Pipeline Explosion And Fire Kills Worker, May Cause Gas Supply Issues

Hey, remember just just over a month ago when the Colonial fuel pipeline shut down, cutting gas supplies to the Southeast and leading to shortages at gas stations? The same pipeline, which is the nation’s biggest and brings gasoline from Houston to New Jersey with many stops along the way, will be shut down again after a fire that killed one worker and hospitalized five. [More]


Watch Out For Card Skimmers On Gas Pumps In Arizona (And Everywhere Else, Too)

Going to an actual attendant and paying cash for gas is something fewer and fewer of us do every year. But for all the problems of cash, it might be less risky than sticking your credit card in any old gas pump, where a skimmer can grab and steal your data with very little effort. And those skimmers are everywhere. Case in point? Arizona.



Gas Shortages Due To Colonial Pipeline Break Begin In Southeastern US

The company that runs the Colonial Pipleine that stretches from Houston to NYC has announced that it doesn’t have a projected date when it will be repaired. That’s bad news for people in areas where gas prices are climbing and pumps are beginning to run out: southern states including Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia now report shortages, but they could come soon to an East Coast gas station near you. [More]

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Ruptured Gas Pipeline In Alabama May Mean East Coast Fuel Shortages

A spill of gasoline from the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama could mean higher gas prices and even shortages on the East Coast, since the line brings fuel north from refineries in Houston all the way up to New York Harbor. The governors of Alabama and Georgia have declared states of emergency as the pipeline’s repair was delayed, and it may not be back online until next week. [More]

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Electric Vehicles Could Cut Gasoline Demand By 20% In Next 20 Years

Part of the appeal of driving around town in an electric vehicle is that it doesn’t need gasoline, and thus, is better for the environment. But there’s one thing all of these vehicles aren’t good for: gasoline demand.  [More]

Price War: Several Michigan Gas Stations Sold Gas For Under $1/Gallon

Price War: Several Michigan Gas Stations Sold Gas For Under $1/Gallon

It might sound unbelievable, after years of high gas prices, but it finally happened again: gas fell below $1 per gallon… in one part of the country, at a few stations, for one weekend. [More]

42 Million Drivers Likely Grateful They’ll Be Paying Lowest Thanksgiving Gas Prices Since 2008

42 Million Drivers Likely Grateful They’ll Be Paying Lowest Thanksgiving Gas Prices Since 2008

The roads are going to be crowded this Thanksgiving, with 42 million drivers expected to travel the highways and byways of the U.S. According to AAA, they’ll be enjoying the lowest prices at the gas pump for the holiday since 2008.


AAA: Gas Could Fall Below $2 Per Gallon Nationwide Just In Time For Christmas

AAA: Gas Could Fall Below $2 Per Gallon Nationwide Just In Time For Christmas

While we’re not sure how Santa Claus will be able to bring this present down the chimney, everyone with a car could be getting something very special this year: AAA says the national average for a gallon of gas could fall below $2 just in time for Christmas.


Cheap Gas Prices Could Mean Travel Headaches This Labor Day Weekend

Cheap Gas Prices Could Mean Travel Headaches This Labor Day Weekend

While we’ve all been dancing around at the gas pump over the news that fuel prices are cheap nationwide right now on average and will keep dropping until it’s below $2 a gallon, there’s a potential down side to the cheap gas glory: an estimated 35.5 million Americans will hit the road for Labor Day weekend, spurred in part by the low cost of gas. More people driving translates into more cars on the road, which could mean you’ll be stuck playing car games while waiting for traffic to move.


You Can Buy Gas For Under $2 Per Gallon In At Least 12 States Right Now

You Can Buy Gas For Under $2 Per Gallon In At Least 12 States Right Now

A few weeks ago, we heard gas prices would probably start dipping below $2 per gallon in many parts of the country as soon as this fall. And in some states, those low prices can already be found at some gas stations. But even so, given the price of crude oil right now, gas should be even cheaper, experts say.


Gas Prices Get Low, Stay Low: You Could Be Paying Under $2 Per Gallon Soon

Gas Prices Get Low, Stay Low: You Could Be Paying Under $2 Per Gallon Soon

If you’re planning an end-of-the-summer road trip, you’re in luck: Gas prices across the country are pretty low right now, dropping about 6% in the last month to just $2.59 a gallon on average. But if you’re planning to hit the highways and byways this fall, your luck is about to get even better at the pump, as experts say gas prices could fall below $2 a gallon next month.


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Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile System As An Alternative To State’s Gas Tax

With more fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrid cars hitting the roads every day and requiring less gas, some states are looking into how they can still collect enough money from drivers to keep maintain their roads and bridges. Oregon is one such state, with a new test program that allows volunteers to pay the state not for the amount of fuel they buy at the pump with a gas tax, but for how many miles they drive.


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New Jersey Won’t Get Self-Serve Gas Pumps Anytime Soon

As things stand right now, there are only two states in the nation where drivers are not allowed to pump their own gas: New Jersey and Oregon. Both states have legislation pending that would put an end to the days of full-serve only, but a powerful Garden State legislator has made it known that there will be no self-serve on his watch. [More]

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This Summer’s Gas Prices Predicted To Be At Their Lowest In Six Years

As if there wasn’t enough to celebrate with the impending arrival of summer, road trip vacations will be even better this year with gasoline predicted to be at its cheapest in at least six years. Perfect for when you finally decide to drive across the country to visit that giant ball of [insert weird thing to make a giant ball out of] in [state far away from where you live].