Gas Shortage

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NYC’s Bloomberg Announces Plan To Ration Gas Using Odd-Even License Plate Numbers

Oh, Bloomie! You and your harebrained schemes! Where do we start with this one… New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced this afternoon that his office is instituting an interesting plan for rationing gas in the city, in order to deal with fuel shortages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Judging from the “Wha huh but huh?” responses we’re seeing on Twitter thus far, there’s bound to be some confusion. [More]


Even If You Really Need Gas You Shouldn’t Fill Up 30 Regular Buckets To Take Home

Desperate times call for desperate measures. But there are certain things that need to be done correctly, even in the light of a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy. While drivers on the East Coast have been stuck with long lines at the pump to fuel up cars and get gas for generators, police say one man went about gassing up the entirely wrong way. [More]

Two More Weeks Of Gas Shortages In The South?

Two More Weeks Of Gas Shortages In The South?

The New York Times has quoted an expert from Rice University who thinks that the gas shortages in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee could continue for two more weeks.