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Shell Still Trying To Figure Out That Anti-Skimmer Sticker Thing

Shell Still Trying To Figure Out That Anti-Skimmer Sticker Thing

Credit and debit card skimmers are a menace that might discourage consumers from using ATMs and pay-at-the-pump devices at gas stations. That’s why seals that show everyone whether a pump has been tampered with are a great idea, even if they aren’t foolproof at detecting the sneakiest and tiniest skimmers. Unless you employ them like some Shell stations. [More]

(Krebs on Security)

Tiny Bluetooth Gas Pump Skimmers Are Here To Gobble Your Credit Card Info

In the above picture, on the left you see a brand-new credit/debit card for gas pumps. On the right is the same device with a card-skimming device placed in the conveniently empty slot. How can consumers avoid having their card information skimmed by crooks using similar devices? You probably won’t even know until the fraudulent purchases hit your account. [More]