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Chris Rief

Thursday Night Football Will Be On Amazon Prime For 2017 Season

There’s no knowing who will win the Thursday Night Football matchups yet to come in the 2017 NFL season, but we do now know who’s won the right to stream them this year, and it’s Amazon. [More]

The Xbox One Is Intended To Be An All-In-One Home Entertainment Solution

The Xbox One Is Intended To Be An All-In-One Home Entertainment Solution

It’s been eight years since Microsoft launched the Xbox 360, a wildly successful gaming console that has gradually evolved into a home entertainment hub for many users. Today, the company finally got around to releasing details of the “Durango” project, its code name for the next generation of the Xbox. [More]

Nintendo Unveils Wii U, Complete With Touchscreen Controller

Nintendo Unveils Wii U, Complete With Touchscreen Controller

When Nintendo originally unleashed its Wii console on the world — and all the breakable furniture in everyone’s living rooms — the talk was about the new control system that allowed users to be more physically involved in their gaming experience. Earlier today, the video game giant finally unveiled its Wii U, the first in the next generation of consoles. And once again Nintendo is attempting to revolutionize the game controller. [More]