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Baltimore Furniture Store Makes Good On Super Bowl Pledge To Give Away Free Furniture

A Baltimore furniture store isn’t bummed that the Ravens won the Super Bowl, but if not for some clutch foresight by its owner, the store might’ve been out $600,000 worth of merchandise. See, the store ran a special promotion to encourage customers to come in and buy items during the Super Bowl: If a kick was returned by the Ravens for a touchdown, all products purchased between Jan. 31 and 3 p.m. on the day of the game would be free.  [More]

Come On Down To The Ugly Furniture Store!

Come On Down To The Ugly Furniture Store!

Want ugly furniture? How about a teardrop filled with frog eggs? Want an ugly table to put ugly stuff on? We’ve got that! This is a parody commercial for a real store filled with hideous furniture. [More]