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Have You Been Paying Attention? Take The Consumerist Quiz To Find Out

This summer and its Olympic games might feel like they will never end, but this week certainly will. That can mean only one thing… Actually, it means an awful lot more than one thing, but there’s just one item that we currently care about: Testing your memory to see how well you’ve been paying attention. [More]

Take A Break From Watching The Olympics On Work Time… It’s The Consumerist Quiz!

Take A Break From Watching The Olympics On Work Time… It’s The Consumerist Quiz!

It’s not your fault that the folks in Rio scheduled handball in the middle of the workday. We understand that you won’t be denied your chance to watch Durdina Jaukovic and her teammates from Montenegro go up against the favored Norwegians, led by Emilie Hegh Arntzen. Don’t worry — we’re not asking you to do your job. Just take a few minutes to see if you can recall anything else from this week other than that sweet 25-25 draw between Tunisia and Qatar. [More]

How Well Do You Know The Companies That Own Other Companies?

How Well Do You Know The Companies That Own Other Companies?

Alphabet owns Google, and Facebook owns Instagram, Yum Brands owns KFC… and they all meet meet tri-annually at a secret country mansion in Colorado known as “The Meadows” with the Queen, the Vatican, The Gettys, the Rothschilds, and — of course — Col. Sanders. Take our quiz to find out how well you know the other huge company-owning companies that have yet to be initiated into the Pentaverate. [More]

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Strap On Your Brain Belt: It’s Time For The Consumerist Quiz!

We write stories. You read them. It’s a purely transactional arrangement; no strings attached. Question is: How well do you remember what you’ve read? Take the Consumerist Quiz and find out. [More]

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How Well Do You Know Your Federal Bureaucrats? Take Our Quiz To Find Out

The federal government is an alphabet soup of bureaus, departments, commissions, agencies, administrations that report to various directors, chairs, commissioners, administrators, and cabinet members. It’s difficult enough for folks inside the Beltway to keep track of them all, so how much do the rest of us know about the people in all those huge concrete buildings? [More]


Give Your Brain A Workout With This Week’s Consumerist Quiz!

That’s right: It’s time to once again put on the mental SCUBA gear and dive deep into your memory, to see if you can recall all the things you’ve read this week. [More]

Stephen Colbert Says Comedy Central Unhappy With CBS’s Use Of ‘Stephen Colbert,’ So He Introduces New ‘Stephen Colbert’

Stephen Colbert Says Comedy Central Unhappy With CBS’s Use Of ‘Stephen Colbert,’ So He Introduces New ‘Stephen Colbert’

Last week during the Republican National Convention, CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert brought backhis arch-conservative former alter ego — also named Stephen Colbert — from Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report to comment on the goings-on in Cleveland. The brief stunt apparently didn’t go over well with the lawyers at Comedy Central, forcing Colbert to a new intellectual property work-around: introducing a completely new character who just happens to look and sound exactly like him. [More]

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You Can Take Jeremy Bentham’s Mummified Head Through Airport Security, But Please Don’t

The TSA runs a customer service line on Twitter, at @AskTSA. Most of the questions and complaints it handles are of exactly the sort you’d expect: can I bring an empty water bottle through security? What’s going on with PreCheck? This line at this airport too long!, and so forth. But its staff is dedicated, and will honestly and to the best of its ability answer any question you politely ask of it. Including, for example, the handling of certain… artifacts. [More]


Do You Remember What Happened This Week? Maybe Not, But Take Our Quiz Anyway

Monday there was news. Then Tuesday there was also news, some of it new. Wednesday had news too, if we remember it correctly. News definitely happened yesterday (we read about it online), and we have the punched time-cards to show that news newsed earlier today. But have you been keeping up? [More]

How Well Do You Know Your Fictional Tech Companies?

How Well Do You Know Your Fictional Tech Companies?

Sure, we all know that George Costanza worked, however briefly, at Kruger Industrial Smoothing, and that Laverne and Shirley toiled away at Shotz Brewery (before they randomly picked up and moved to California in Season 6), but have you really been paying attention to all those fake companies? [More]

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Give Your Grey Matter A Weekend Workout With The Consumerist Quiz

We went easy on you last week — the holiday-shortened week and residual high spirits resulted in fewer questions and easily eliminated wrong answers — and it showed, with the median score on the Consumerist Quiz soaring to 75% (up from the typical weekly result of around 60%). Think you can continue with your high-scoring ways, or are you due for a post all-star break slump? [More]

Former CEO Martin Shkreli Now Has An Entire — Unflattering — Musical About Him

Former CEO Martin Shkreli Now Has An Entire — Unflattering — Musical About Him

Did you somehow become comfortably lulled into thinking 2016 had already crested Peak Weird? If so, you clearly got there a little too early. Today’s case in point: The ousted CEO that America loves to hate, Martin Shkreli, is back in the news this month… as the villain of an off-Broadway musical. [More]

“Brexit”-Inspired Puns Join “-gate,” “-gasm” & “-pocalypse” In Baker’s Dozen Of Abused Suffixes

“Brexit”-Inspired Puns Join “-gate,” “-gasm” & “-pocalypse” In Baker’s Dozen Of Abused Suffixes

Before every scandal became a “gate,” there was Watergate. Before every event that lasts longer than it should was labeled a “thon,” there was Marathon. Now the headlines about Britain’s decision to leave the European Union have resulted in a spate of “Brexit”-inspired puns. [More]

Nintendo Announces $60 “Mini NES” That Includes 30 Classic Games

Nintendo Announces $60 “Mini NES” That Includes 30 Classic Games

In a move that will please countless 30- and 40-something gamers who remember the days of pounding out not-so-secret cheat codes on their controllers, Nintendo has announced plans to release a downsized version of its classic NES gaming console — complete with 30 games to warm the cockles of your (possibly aging) nostalgic heart. [More]

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Think Back On The Short Week That Was With This Abbreviated Consumerist Quiz!

We know that a lot of you only worked a few days this week, so we’re giving you a break with this installment of the Consumerist Quiz — now with 47% less quizziness! [More]


How Well Do You Know Your Fast Food Calorie Counts? Take Our Quiz To Find Out

Fast food chains have long made their nutrition info available online, and in a number of markets around the country, this info has been posted in restaurants on menu boards for several years — but have you been paying attention? [More]

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Burn Through Those Last Few Minutes Before The Holiday Weekend With The Consumerist Quiz

Look, we know you probably don’t want to be here. Everyone else in the office is already gone, but you’re stuck holding down the fort, pretending to be reading emails when you’re really just seeing how many pages of “Brexit” Google results you need to go through before finding some really good Brexit-themed erotic fiction. Okay, maybe that’s just us. Don’t judge. [More]

Great Beyond

How Well Do You Know Companies’ Former Names?

Maybe you know that David Bowie was born David Jones, or that the St. Louis Cardinals were previously the St. Louis Browns, Brown Stockings, and Perfectos, but did you know that PayPal was originally called Confinity, or that Yahoo was briefly named “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”? [More]