3 Years Is The Warranty Length, Not How Long It Should Take To Get Your Computer Back

The state of California has pretty good consumer protections, but not when it comes to extended warranties. That’s what a family who bought a laptop computer at Fry’s learned after a planned five-week repair of an HP laptop ended up taking three months. Three months? [More]


Former Fry’s Employee Explains Why Store’s Commission-Based Pay System Fails Consumers

For people looking to shop for TVs and computers at someplace other than Best Buy or Walmart, California-based chain Fry’s Electronics might seem like a viable option. But one former Fry’s employee says the store’s commission-based pay system for salespeople is hurting both the workers and Fry’s customers. [More]

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HP: No, Downgrading To Windows 7 Doesn’t Really Void Your Warranty

Yesterday, we shared the story of Nick, a university information technology professional who bought a computer for a new employee that already had Windows 8 on it, tried to downgrade to Windows 7, and was told that doing so would void his warranty. While the person at Enterprise support he spoke to may have said this, it is not, strictly speaking, true. That’s great to hear. The bad news, of course, is that someone told Nick this in the first place. An ordinary customer who doesn’t work in IT would be completely confused at this point. [More]