17 Commercial Failures From Brands With Spectacularly Bad Ideas

While Keurig is surely hoping there will come a day when its failed KOLD soda-making machine is but a misty, sparkling memory, it’s not the first company to reach for the stars, to fly too close to the sun, to try to capture lightning in a bottle… and fail utterly and completely, thereby forever securing a spot in the brand failure hall of fame, never to be forgotten. [More]


Here Are All Of The Snacks Included So Far In The Peanut-Contaminated Flour Recall

Severe allergies to peanuts are terrifyingly common, which is why products get recalled when they could have just tiny amounts of the legume. After a commercial supplier recalled a batch of flour that may contain some peanut protein, snack-makers are recalling products made with the affected flour. Those snacks include major brands like Keebler, Famous Amos, Rold Gold, Mother’s, Murray, and Special K. [More]


Frito-Lay Recalls Rold Gold Pretzels Due To Possible Peanut Contamination In Flour

The same flour supplier problem that led to the recall of millions of Hostess snack cakes and prepared baked goods at Chick Fil-A, Cinnabon, and a number of supermarket chains has struck again. Flour that may be contaminated with traces of peanuts was used to make Rold Gold pretzels, normally a food that is not supposed to contain nuts. [More]

Pepsi, Frito-Lay Quietly Adding GMO Ingredient Labels To Some Foods

Whether or not you agree with mandatory labeling for foods containing genetically modified or genetically engineered ingredients, the Vermont law requiring this information on food sold in that state will go into effect on the first of July. Some companies — including Mars, Campbell Soup, and General Mills — have announced decisions to implement these labels nationwide, while PepsiCo appears to be quietly putting labels on its products. [More]


Supervalu, PepsiCo Pledge To Sell & Use Only Cage-Free Eggs

Two more national companies are jumping on the increasingly crowded cage-free egg bandwagon. PepsiCo and Supervalu — the operator of brands like Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s, Shop ’n Save, and more — both plan to transition to using or selling only cage-free eggs over the next several years.  [More]

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The Unhappiest Hour: Busch Beer, Frito-Lay Trucks Collide, Spilling Products Onto Highway

That faint keening sound you may hear coming from down in Florida could be the mournful wails of beer and snack fans upon hearing that a Busch Beer truck collided with another truck carrying Frito-Lay chips, spilling products all over the interstate. [More]

The Doritos brand, in partnership with the It Gets Better Project, launches Doritos Rainbows chips, a new, limited-edition product to celebrate the LGBT community.

Doritos Shows Support For LGBT Teens With Limited-Run Rainbow Tortilla Chips

Some of America’s biggest companies have publicly shown support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Today, one snack company took its commitment to another level: creating a limited-edition bag of rainbow-colored Doritos. [More]

Woman Says She Found Human Tooth In Lay’s Bag, Freaked Out

Woman Says She Found Human Tooth In Lay’s Bag, Freaked Out

A woman in Texas claims that she received a free prize in her bag of Lay’s potato chips. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the a fun prize: it was the kind of prize that makes you want to barf. She was munching on the cheddar bacon mac and cheese flavored chips when she found something that wasn’t bacon in her mouth. It appeared to be a human tooth with a crown on it. [More]

Cheetos Will Sell Cinnamon-Sugar Puffs This Spring

Cheetos Will Sell Cinnamon-Sugar Puffs This Spring

Have you ever looked at a bag of Cheetos and wondered how delicious they would be if, instead of a mysterious orange “cheez” substance, the snacks were covered with cinnamon and sugar? No, we never thought of that, either, but the nice people at Frito-Lay have. They’re making dessert Cheetos into a real thing, which will be a limited-time product available around Easter. [More]

This is not a drill. This is a real pizza.

Pizza Hut Australia Now Offers Doritos-Coated Crust

Pizza Hut may have introduced an amazing array of pizza variations recently, but their newest variation is one that you won’t be able to find in this country. While a Doritos-coated, cheese-stuffed pizza crust might seem like a quintessentially American treat, you can only get this pizza in Australia. [More]

Hungry Buffalo Residents Steal Chips Off Doritos Truck Abandoned In The Snow

Hungry Buffalo Residents Steal Chips Off Doritos Truck Abandoned In The Snow

Just like a lovely sea creature perched upon the rocky shoreline, a Doritos truck abandoned in several feet of the snow that’s currently blanketing the Buffalo, NY area proved too tempting to resist for some hungry residents. After its driver apparently left it behind when Mother Nature dumped six feet of snow on it this week, people were spotted brazenly boosting chips from the back of the rig for their own eating pleasure. [More]

Doritos Offers Limited-Time Christmas Tree-Shaped Chips In Japan

Doritos Offers Limited-Time Christmas Tree-Shaped Chips In Japan

Do you think that seasonal snacks have gotten out of hand here in the United States? Maybe they have, but that doesn’t make a new holiday themed product from Doritos in Japan any less amazing. They’re selling soup-flavored green tortilla chips…shaped like Christmas trees. [More]

If Anyone Actually Liked Cappuccino Potato Chips, They’ll Be Bummed Wasabi Ginger Is Lay’s New Flavor

If Anyone Actually Liked Cappuccino Potato Chips, They’ll Be Bummed Wasabi Ginger Is Lay’s New Flavor

While it was noted during an unofficial, informal tasting of Lay’s trial of cappuccino-flavored potato chips by Consumerist’s Boss Meg a few months ago that the snack “tastes how the mall looks,” others out there might actually have liked the dusting of sweet, coffee-ish powder on chips. Those others, if you exist, are going to be quite bummed to learn that voters have instead chosen Wasabi Ginger as the newest Lay’s flavor. [More]

Another day, another four frankenflavors.

Cappuccino-Flavored Potato Chips Are Heading To Stores Whether You Want To Eat Them Or Not

You reap what you sow, which means whoever out there suggested that it would be a great idea to make cappuccino-flavored potato chips has turned that freaky bit of frankenfood fantasy into reality. [More]

Target Explains Refrigerated Doritos, Locks Up The Cheetos

Target Explains Refrigerated Doritos, Locks Up The Cheetos

Yesterday, we posted a series of photos taken inside different Target stores across the country. They showed refrigerated cases with the makings for a taco salads: cheese, lettuce, and ground meat. What really confused readers were the racks of small bags of Doritos in the middle of the refrigerated case. Target explained how these displays came to be. Maybe this same impeccable logic also led to Cheetos being locked up in the video games section. [More]

7 ounces of Sunchips. (Photo: Coyoty)

Sun Chips Bags Shrink From 10 Ounces To 7 Ounces, Price Stays The Same

Usually, we try to stay at the forefront of Grocery Shrink Ray news, letting you know when we learn that a company has reduced the size of a product while keeping the price the same. Frito-Lay has been rolling out a massive shrinkage of Sun Chips, zapping bags from 10 ounces to only 7 ounces. Removing a third of the chips by weight? Noooo! [More]

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Doritos Means “Little Golden Things,” And They Were Invented At Disneyland

People might have freaked out when a Starbucks opened within the Main Street Bakery at Walt Disney World, but how soon we forget. Cross-branding is nothing new. When Disneyland opened, it featured a Mexican(ish) restaurant called Casa de Fritos run by the Frito company. It was on New Orleans Street, near another product-placement eatery: Aunt Jemima’s Pancake House. It at the Casa de Fritos that the beloved Dorito was invented. Yes, really. [More]


Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos: Yet Another Bewildering Flavor You Won’t Find In The U.S.

Sometimes it’s just like food media outlets in other countries are playing a kind of flavor Mad Libs: [Ingredient not usually in American snacks] + [Another ingredient not usually in American snacks] + [Brand name] =  snack concoction the American will inevitably buzz about. Oh, hello, Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos. [More]