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Discover To Let You ‘Freeze’ Credit Card When You’re Not Sure If It Needs To Be Canceled

If you’ve ever found yourself without your credit but unsure whether you left it another coat, dropped it on the sidewalk, or had it stolen from your wallet, you’ve really only had one safe option: cancel the card ASAP to prevent anyone else from using it. But Discover is reportedly going to offer its Discover It card customers the option of temporarily shutting the card off without cancellation. [More]

Dish Network Freezing Prices Until 2013

Dish Network Freezing Prices Until 2013

Earlier today, the folks at Dish Network announced their quarterly earnings, and while revenue was up, the satellite TV provider lost about 135,000 subscribers. So to stay competitive, Dish said it will keep its prices where they are through 2012. [More]

Tips For Weathering The Foreclosure Freeze

Tips For Weathering The Foreclosure Freeze

As mentioned here earlier this week, the current foreclosure freezes by Bank of America and others have more than a few people in limbo as they wait to either buy or sell a foreclosed property. To help these folks out, Reuters has put together a list of helpful tips for weathering the freeze. [More]