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Restaurant Offers Free Food In Exchange For Election Campaign Signs

The elections are mercifully over and whatever you think of the outcome, you probably agree that people can’t remove all those unsightly campaign signs quickly enough. So one restaurant chain based in South Carolina is offering free food to customers who help clean up the mess left by the democratic process. [More]

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Halloween Eats: Free Bacon At Arby’s, $3 Burritos At Chipotle

While we’re still reeling from the revelation that Arby’s may be shorting customers on their fountain drinks, the fast food chain is doing one thing right this week — offering to give away free bacon to customers on Halloween. [More]

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Fill Up Your Car With Unusable, Unused Syracuse China Dishes For $10

If you like American manufacturing history and unusable dishware, there’s an event that you won’t want to miss this weekend. After a former Syracuse China factory closed in 2009, the building’s new owners hauled tens of thousands of pieces of unglazed dishware to a field behind the building, intending to take it to a landfill eventually. Before they do that, members of the public will have the opportunity to haul off as much china as they like. [More]


4 Things We Learned About The Psychology Of Costco’s Free Samples

Anyone familiar with Costco knows about the wide variety of free food samples that shoppers can score when pushing their oversized carts around one of the wholesale clubs. But as you’ve probably guessed, these samples aren’t just about providing free piecemeal lunches to customers. [More]

Microsoft Really Wants You To Buy An Xbox One So It’s Giving Away Free Games Next Week

Microsoft Really Wants You To Buy An Xbox One So It’s Giving Away Free Games Next Week

It’s been almost a year since Microsoft launched its latest console, the Xbox One, originally selling for $100 more than the new competition from Sony. Now that these next-gen consoles are looking toward their second holiday season (and really their first with any decent games), Microsoft is trying to get a leg up on the PS4 by offering free games to people who buy an Xbox One next week. [More]

Remember All The Great Donuts That Built This Nation With Free Donuts Today

Remember All The Great Donuts That Built This Nation With Free Donuts Today

We know that Friday is usually a time for upbeat thoughts as consumers’ minds turn toward frivolous weekend activities — coating the Slip’N Slide with cherry marmalade, improving your speed-run time on Half Life 2, perfecting your homebrew oxycodone recipe — but today, National Donut Day, we should all remember to pause to remember, and perhaps shed a tear, all those donuts that have perished to get us to this point. And then get free donuts while they last. [More]

One Week Until Free Donuts For All At Krispy Kreme

Did you miss Krispy Kreme’s celebration of heroes where they gave out free dozens of donuts? That’s okay: next week, the chain will offfer free donuts for all. Sorry, you’ll have to bring your own beef patties and cheese if you want to construct a cheeseburger. One free donut per person; participating locations only. [Foodbeast]

From Curly Fries To Document-Shredding: 4 Tax Day Freebies

From Curly Fries To Document-Shredding: 4 Tax Day Freebies

Like a slowly approaching T-rex, whose every thunderous step sends ripples through your glass of water, the April 15 deadline for filing your income tax returns is drawing nigh. While it’s a gloom-and-doom occasion for some, it’s also a chance to score some free stuff. [More]

McDonald’s Giving Away Free Coffee For Two Weeks

McDonald’s Giving Away Free Coffee For Two Weeks

In an effort to combat recently launched breakfast efforts at Taco Bell and others, as well as trying to score some positive publicity amid months of negative news and lawsuits regarding its labor practices, McDonald’s is acting like Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas morning, gifting free coffee with a smile for two weeks starting Monday. [More]

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4 Things You Don’t Really Need To Pay For

We all have things that we refuse to pay for when there are free or super cheap alternatives. But while everyone knows that you can get canning jars and scratched furniture on Freecycle, did you know that there are ways to expand your knowledge, see brand-new movies, watch premium streaming video, and listen to audiobooks, all for free? And legally. The “legally” part is key. [More]


Why Do People Spend Unpaid Hours Reviewing Everything On Amazon?

Our lab-coated colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports work hard to test and evaluate every consumer product from toilet paper to Tesla sports cars, and they get paid for their efforts. But there’s an army of product reviewers out there who volunteer their time and their only reward is peer recognition, “helpful” votes, and free stuff. They are the elite Amazon reviewers. [More]

This Gun Safe Came With 285 Pounds Of Free Pot

This Gun Safe Came With 285 Pounds Of Free Pot

Buy a large gun safe, get ten free bales of Mexican bud? That’s an appealing and potentially very lucrative promotion, but wasn’t an actual thing. Authorities are still trying to figure out who put 285 pounds of marijuana in a $1,700 gun safe that was shipped from Mexico to a customer in Ohio. They believe the customer that he didn’t order it, namely because he was the one who reported the shipment to police. [More]

When I Finally Earned A Free Haircut, Supercuts Pulled Their Loyalty Card

When I Finally Earned A Free Haircut, Supercuts Pulled Their Loyalty Card

It was only a few short months ago that John went to Supercuts for a haircut and presented his loyalty card. They happily signed it for him. He finally had enough signatures to get a free haircut after carrying around the card for years! When he showed up to redeem the card, though, he learned that the program had ended just in time for him to lose out. Why? [More]

Microsoft Includes Free Disposable Wifi Router In Forbes Magazine

Microsoft Includes Free Disposable Wifi Router In Forbes Magazine

“I still like print magazines, but I wish that they functioned as a portable wifi hotspot,” said no one ever. This wish came true for some people last week when they received a special edition of Forbes magazine in the mail that serves as a disposable wifi hotspot as well as a disposable news delivery device. [More]

Ask Tax Dad: Dependent Mom And Free Fast Food

Ask Tax Dad: Dependent Mom And Free Fast Food

Usually, our staff Certified Tax Cat handles readers’ questions about taxes, but he’s too busy staring at a blank spot on the wall. Filling in for him is Laura’s dad, a retired accountant and real live independent tax preparer. Exclusively on Consumerist this spring, Tax Dad answers your questions. Also, to celebrate federal income tax deadline day, we link some coupons for free fast food deals good for today only.

This should be the last installment of Ask Tax Dad for 2013: tune in next year when Tax Cat comes back, Tax Dad returns, or maybe Tax Cat’s dad will show up to handle your tax questions. [More]

Free food is often the best food.

IHOP Doing The Free Pancake Thing Again Today

Between Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl, you’re probably all celebrated out right now. But don’t forget that it’s National Pancake Day today, which means you have a right to some free food at IHOP. [More]


Grocery Store Gives Customers Free Food Rather Than Have Them Wait For Registers To Start Working

Pop quiz, hot shot: You’re the manager of a grocery store and a computer crash leaves your cashiers without any easy way to tally up customers’ purchases, let alone process payments. Do you (A) tell customers they’ll have to wait; (B) pull out the old calculator; (C) give them their food for free. [More]

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Warehouse Store Sample Server: I’m Not Here To Give You A Free Lunch

Shoppers at Costco, Sam’s Club and other warehouse clubs are likely quite familiar with the many sample servers situated around the store, handing out freebies to eager customers. One such sample server has penned an open letter to warehouse club shoppers saying that he loves his job, but there are some things you all do that really get under his skin.