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Cancer Patient Wins Free Pizza For A Year, Donates His Prize To Local Food Bank

Winning free pizza for a year is already a remarkable occasion, but hearing that someone is then willingly giving up that delicious prize to help others, well, that’s another level of warm and fuzzy feelings. [More]

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Domino’s Customer Gets Year Of Free Pizza For Returning $5K She Found In Wings Box

No good deed goes unrewarded, or so they say, and if you’re lucky, that reward might just come in the form of free pizza. For a year. [More]

Sorry Your Flight Was Diverted, But Have Some Pizza

Sorry Your Flight Was Diverted, But Have Some Pizza

When a Southwest flight from Fort Lauderdale to Denver was diverted last week, stranding passengers in Pueblo, Colo. for a couple hours, the pilot ordered pizza for all the passengers. True, it was Little Caesar’s, but it’s the thought that counts, right? [More]