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Delta Actually Listens To Customer Complaint About Confusing Website, Clarifies Free Movie Policy

Remember Josh, whose story we posted yesterday? He got this crazy idea in his head that Delta Airlines offered free movies on demand in the Economy Plus section, just because their website happened to say so. He sent off a quick e-mail complaint asking for a refund, and Delta explained that the site totally didn’t say what he thought it did, and he would get no refund. We published his story, and all of a sudden Delta changed their minds, cut him a check, and changed their website. [More]

Looking for some inexpensive entertainment this weekend? It’s HBO and Cinemax free preview weekend at a number of major cable providers, including Charter, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, and Verizon FIOS. If that doesn’t include you, keep an eye on the site to learn when your provider’s previews are coming up. [] (Thanks, Tim!)

In the summer a bunch of theaters show G or PG films for free or super cheap on weekday mornings. Here’s a roundup of all the places and their deals. [Raising4Boys]