DudeFoods presents: The Big McRib.

The Big McRib Is The Secret Menu Item McDonald’s Should Think About Offering

For years, McDonald’s franchisees have been complaining about an abundance of limited time offerings that use ingredients alien to the rest of the menu. But here’s an idea that some believe could invigorate the Golden Arches’ sagging sales without having to worry about millions of unsold frozen chicken wings. [More]

Another day, another four frankenflavors.

Cappuccino-Flavored Potato Chips Are Heading To Stores Whether You Want To Eat Them Or Not

You reap what you sow, which means whoever out there suggested that it would be a great idea to make cappuccino-flavored potato chips has turned that freaky bit of frankenfood fantasy into reality. [More]

Burger King Crowns The Pizza Burger

Burger King Crowns The Pizza Burger

If you’re hungry, live in New York and can’t decide whether you want a pizza or hamburger, the Burger King Pizza Burger may be for you. [More]